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It Broke My Heart: Jasmin Bhasin On Struggling To Find A Hospital Bed For Her Mom

It Broke My Heart: Jasmin Bhasin On Struggling To Find A Hospital Bed For Her Mom

Probably the toughest part of the pandemic for all of us has been to stay away from our friends and family for an extended time. To navigate an unprecedented crisis in one thing but not being able to make things better for an ailing loved one is just another hell altogether. And while it is all just words, we realise the gravity of it only when we experience the crisis first hand, when we see someone whom we love suffering. 

Actress Jasmin Bhasin was in a similar situation recently when her mom contracted COVID-19 and needed hospitalisation. She took to Twitter earlier this week and shared how her old father was running around the city to find a hospital bed for his wife. Jasmin has been staying in Jammu with Aly Goni and his family during the lockdown and it broke her heart to see her parents struggling on their own. 

Thankfully, her mom’s condition has now improved and she has been discharged from the hospital. Jasmin opened up about the jolting experience in a recent interview and shared how it left her feeling really “heartbroken and disappointed.”

“My mum tested positive and was on medication but when her oxygen levels dropped, my father got worried. She was asked to be hospitalised but it was a task to find a bed due to the dearth. We called many hospitals but by the time we’d reached there, the bed would be gone or phone numbers weren’t working. It became really tough but luckily, my dad found a bed in a hospital away from the city,” she shared. 

Speaking about the experience, she further added, “It broke my heart. You feel helpless and no matter how much money you have, nothing will help you. There aren’t enough resources to treat patients. It made me sad and disappointed.”


However, the actress has a positive takeaway as well and feels that it would be easier for her to convince her parents to shift to Mumbai now. “It was tough for me to be away from my parents and my father was alone struggling to find a bed. My home town, Kota, Rajasthan doesn’t have an airport and my parents didn’t want me to take the risk and travel to Kota when mum was unwell,” she shares.

During the interview, Jasmin also talked about the sad affair of things in general and how the citizens are responsible for the crisis as much as the administration. “Scenario in our country is bad. It is easy to blame but it is in our hands. There were many people who weren’t careful and became carriers. The lockdown was lifted because the economy and people were affected and people forgot that the virus is still around and got lax,” she added. 

Well, that is indeed true and in the end, it actually comes down to personal responsibility. Therefore, is it integral that we take lessons from our situation and start practising the COVID-19 protocol. We have to because experts have warned that the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is inevitable. Please fam, stay at home for as long as possible and always use a mask and carry your sanitizer whenever going out. This is the least that we can do!

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05 May 2021

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