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Twitter Users Demand No ‘Kebab Mein Haddi’ Between Jasmin Bhasin & Aly Goni’s Romance

Twitter Users Demand No ‘Kebab Mein Haddi’ Between Jasmin Bhasin & Aly Goni’s Romance

Bigg Boss makers have once again added a new twist to the show. Last night, we saw the re-entry of the nishkasit challenger, Vikas Gupta, in the house along with yet another wild card entry, Sonali Phogat. Remember the time when Bigg Boss didn’t allow any outside information in the house as it would give an unfair advantage to the gharwalas? Yes, we can forget all about that rule just like BB has forgotten how to draw a line when it comes to their ‘do-anything-to-get-TRP‘ game.

Anyway, twists may come and go but one of the only things that look rock-solid in the house right now is Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin’s love story. Seriously, it looks like these lovebirds are living together in two worlds simultaneously–one that belongs to Bigg Boss and the other that belongs to their highschool-esque romance. Well, as long as they make us go *aww*, we ain’t complaining!

However, we did spot a potential kebab mein haddi in the last night’s episode and that was none other than Nikki Tamboli! ICYMI, let us give you a quick recap.


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Coming back to the new love-triangle, Nikki had previously confessed having some liking for Aly when he first entered the show but did not talk much about it. Well, that was because the love-lapata queen of BB, Rakhi Sawant wasn’t in the house until then. 

Last night, Rakhi became a self-appointed cupid upon hearing from Nikki that she had feelings for Aly. She informed her that Aly and Jas were in love but also encouraged her to not lose hope. To this, Nikki surprisingly seemed a little delusional and convinced that Jas and Aly are just BFFs. Sometime later, the cupid aka Rakhi discussed Nikki’s feelings with Aly but the Naagin actor quickly responded that he only has eyes for Jas. *aww*

Needless to say, this entire scenario of pyaar mein twist did not go unnoticed by Aly and Jasmin’s fans who were rooting for #JasLy since the beginning. As a result, they have flooded Twitter with their reactions and demanding Nikki to not get involved in their sweet love story. Here’s what they have to say –

Well Nikki, we just want to say that you might be a little late because #JasLy are already planning a wedding!

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22 Dec 2020

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