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20 Jasleen Royal Songs That Will Be An Amazing Addition To Your Late Night Playlist

20 Jasleen Royal Songs That Will Be An Amazing Addition To Your Late Night Playlist

The first time we heard the song ‘Din Shagna Da’ by Jasleen Royal, we were in love. It played on loop even though there was no wedding and we knew she was a talent like no other. The soulful voice and music had the country hooked and we knew we had to create a Jasleen Royal songs list for all of you. Just like Prateek Kuhad songs or AP Dhillion songs or Shreya Ghoshal songs, Jasleen’s songs are a vibe altogether.

A semi-finalist on India’s Got Talent Season 1, the new-age singer hasn’t looked back since. Her songs have a unique quality called relatability and if you are looking for the best Jasleen Royal songs, we have got you covered. Let’s take a look at Jasleen Royal’s songs list:

20 Best Jasleen Royal Songs That Will Make You Smile

1) Panchi Hojavan

Jasleen Royal made her music industry debut with this song. The song was a major hit, and Jasleen gained a large fan base in a short period of time. This song was named Best Indie Video at the 2013 MTV Music Awards!

2) Maye Ni 

This song was amazing in every way, and it remains one of the best Jasleen Royal songs. A conversation between a helpless girl and her mother is narrated in the song. She continues to tell her how she feels and pleads for her assistance. Swanand Kirkire was even featured in the song. Needless to say, tt is one of the best Hindi romantic songs!

3) Din Shagna Da Original

Get ready for your bridal entry with this lovely wedding song by Jasleen Royal. This Jasleen Royal song helped her gain the recognition and respect she deserved in the music industry. Many brides still choose this song from the movie Phillauri as their entrance song. It is one of the best Punjabi wedding songs.

4) Preet 

This year’s most popular heartache song that drew a lot of attention. This is one of the most performed Jasleen Royal songs and is the perfect song to send to your boyfriend.

5) Door Ghar Mera Hai 

An astronaut in a space shuttle observes India enjoying Diwali in this Jasleen Royal song. The lyrics beautifully express the emotion of being away from your family during festivals. In fact, the vibe of this song is very similar to Jubin Nautiyal songs!

6) Badla Badla

Have you ever felt like seeking vengeance and proclaiming to the world that you were right and the other person was wrong? This incredible Jasleen Royal song will inspire you and give you the strength you need to finish all of your unfinished tasks.

7) Kho Gaye Hum Kha 

The songs of Jasleen Royal are addictive, and this one is no exception. Beautiful lyrics and a soulful voice, what else do you need to get lost in an imaginary world. It is a perfect song for your friends as well.

8) Nachne De Saare 

I’m convinced that Jasleen Royal songs are made for the wedding season! This 2016 song won a lot of hearts and is still played over and again in wedding sangeets.

9) Raatein 

This was Jasleen Royal’s third song to be released in 2016. All of the songs were written by her, and they were a huge success. The song Hone tere se hai hona mera has lyrics that touch the heart and remind you of that one person in your life who you will never forget.

10) Love You Zindagi

Jasleen Royal songs bring joy into your life, and this one is no exception. The lyrics express a beautiful message in the simplest way possible. The song is enough to make you fall in love with your life, its ups and downs, despair and joy!

11) Chhota Hoon Main 

This Jasleen Royal song will flood your ears with the sweetness and affection that children have for their father. In this song, a youngster tells his father that he is nothing in the eyes of the world, and that the world is a difficult place to live in.

12) Kidre Jawan

This song is unlike any other Jasleen Royal song you’ve ever heard before. The relatable lyrics garnered a huge fan following and soon everyone was grooving to this song.

13) What’s Up 

The song features the sounds of dhol, tabla, and every other instrument required for a successful Punjabi song, so get up and get ready to dance!

14) Din Shagna Da 

Get ready for your entrance, brides! This Jasleen Royal song helped her gain the recognition and respect she deserves in the music industry. Many brides still choose this song from the movie Phillauri as their entrance song. It is even better than your popular Hollywood romantic songs.

 15) Peh Gaya Khalara 

This Jasleen Royal Song is the ideal sangeet song for Indian weddings, as it celebrates all of the rasams. This song has won many hearts and continues to be the most popular in the country!

16) Teri Dastaan

Jasleen Royal released an independent record for the film Hichki. All of Jasleen Royal’s songs in this album were chartbusters, giving her the boost she needed in her career.

17) Laaj Sharam 

The lyrics of Jasleen Royal songs are always so beautiful, you can’t help but smile. This song by Jasleen Royal is just what you need in your life!

18) Man Melo 

Jasleen Royal made a mark in versatility with Gujrati song Mann Melo. This song from the album Sharato Lagu was dropped in 2018 and immediately became a fan favourite. It even demonstrated Jasleen Royal’s talent in the Gujarati industry.

19) Jaha Tu Chala 

Gully Boy’s album and the songs featured on it are well-known. This Jasleen Royal song was one of them, and it succinctly summarised a complex issue shown in the film. The music is relaxing and enjoyable to listen to at any time of day! It is one of the most loved latest Bollywood songs!

20) Deh Shiva 

The message of this wonderful song by Jasleen Royal is to have faith and conquer the world. The song not only describes the difficulties faced by those fighting in wars, but it also describes their emotions when they raise a gun to battle!

Add these top Jasleen Royal songs to your playlist ASAP!

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05 May 2022

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