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Is Janhvi Kapoor Taking Her Love For Spandex A Bit *Too* Far?

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  May 16, 2018
Is Janhvi Kapoor Taking Her Love For Spandex A Bit *Too* Far?


  Janhvi Kapoor is one celeb kid who’s always in the highlights whether she’s going to a wedding or to the gym, whether she’s wearing Manish Malhotra couture or a Gucci t-shirt (more on that later). But we’re seeing a lot of her lately. And not in the #FashionGoals sort of a way we’re always on a lookout for.

Like all celebrities, Janhvi too works out. Janhvi too goes to the gym. Janhvi too wears gym clothes. And she loves to wear them as is evident from this vacation picture of her’s.

1 janhvi kapoor - instagram

But it looks like her love for gym tights is going a little too far. Not just to the gym, she’s seen wearing spandex tights pretty much everywhere. No, we don’t have anything against spandex. But, girl, you gotta follow the rule book, damn!

– The first rule of spandex is that you DON’T wear it as pants. Janhvi, on the other hand, is seen going on city tours with her cycling shorts on, paired with t-shirts and tank tops, making an outfit out of it (and not a good one!).

– Spandex is stretchy pants made of polyurethane fabric that helps absorb sweat and keep you cool, thus, making it an ideal activewear choice. It’s the same fabric swimming costumes are made of given its waterproof quality. Because it is so tight, it exposes the shape of the body. But, man, oh man, it is not supposed to give away your camel toe, Janhvi! That’s embarrassing! Here are all the fashion fixes (for camel toe and more) that you need in life.

Here’s why we think Janhvi is turning into a spandex doll. Brace yourself, pictures ahead!

2 janhvi kapoor - printed shorts

3 janhvi kapoor - pink tights

4 janhvi kapoor - black nike shorts

5 janhvi kapoor - camel toe

6 janhvi kapoor - white slax

7 janhvi kapoor - grey spandex


8 janhvi kapoor - black spandex

9 janhvi kapoor - orange tights

For a minute we can move past that too. Spandex is an excellent loungewear option. Maybe, Janhvi wears it all the time because it’s comfortable. But the temperature of Mumbai is so humid, how on Earth can you stay in body-hugging clothes for so long? Where are your cotton pyjamas? Besides, her choice of spandex is not too stylish either.

Ladies, if you want to wear your gym clothes from sweat to street, layer an edgy jacket or denim shirt over your workout tank, throw over a pair of cool sliders and sunglass your way into a stylish OOTD. We’re all about gym clothes, for all we care, wear them to work. But the choice is yours – you can either be Janhvi about it or Kareena!

10 janhvi kapoor - kareena kapoor khan

Find motivation in fashion with our pick of stylish workout outfits! And while you’re at it, here are some super cute gym bag essentials that will make you stick to your new year resolution the right way!

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