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Janhvi Vs Khushi: It’s A Fashion Battle Between The Kapoor Sisters & Guess Who’s Winning

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jul 30, 2021
Janhvi Vs Khushi: It’s A Fashion Battle Between The Kapoor Sisters & Guess Who’s Winning


‘Laidback holidays’ was the theme when we last spotted Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor playing dress-up together. Their swimsuit-clad pictures were all over our social media and turned out to be quite a hit. Well, it seems like the sister duo has made a game out of it. The rules are simple–pick a theme, play dress up, and leave the internet drooling after your enviable wardrobes. 10/10 we will play along! 

And the sisters just raised the stakes with their fashion game. Guess what is the theme that they have nailed this time around? Janhvi and Khushi just turned into pretty princesses and the pictures are giving us so much of life. Now, while both of them look equally stunning in their princess avatars, we are playing favourites today. Wanna know who’s look we dig more? Read on. 

Fashion Face Off: Janhvi Kapoor VS Khushi Kapoor

For their latest photoshoots, Jahnvi and Khushi took a modern-day take on the princess theme. While they have dressed very much like princesses, the sisters have also given a contemporary touch to the looks. But who really nailed it with the 2021 princess vibe? We find out: 

Janhvi In Wonderland 


Janhvi’s princess shoot has a very Alice in Wonderland feel to it. She can be seen lost in her own thoughts and the rabbit hole-like elements in the background support the vibe. However, there is also a polished touch to the actress’s look almost as if she is red carpet ready. Jahnvi has worn a black satin cocktail dress custom-made by the homegrown brand, Antithesis. She has paired the slinky garment with matching gloves and glittery jewels. Staying loyal to her love for Louboutins, she has opted for the brand’s rhinestone-encrusted stilettos. It is almost like Jahnvi–the actress–is in Wonderland and somehow she totally fits in. 

In case you are as smitten by her evening gown as we are, here are some picks that you should explore:

A generous amount of kohl has been used to highlight her dreamy eyes and the look has been finished off with a nude lippie. 

All in all–this is a stellar look and we love how the art direction has ensured that the focus remains on Janhvi’s rich inner world as much as it is on her look.

Khushi’s Pandemic Princess Vibe


Khushi’s princess has been born out of a more contemporary aesthetic. The coronavirus pandemic and the past year have changed how we approach life. It has also impacted how we approach fashion. Khushi’s look has been curated after taking all of that into account and thus the pandemic princess is born. There is chaos around her and this princess certainly depends a lot on the internet. But more importantly–she is a rebel and wears whatever she can lay her hands on. Case in point? The tulle skirt, bikini top, and Pajama pant pairing! 

Khushi’s custom bikini top is from the swimwear brand Flirtatious and here’s something similar if you have eyes on the same: 

The tulle skirt is from QUOD and we have found the exact match for you all: 

And now coming to our favourite, most relatable part i.e. Khushi’s gingham check Pjs. The piece is from Zara. However, the exact separate isn’t available on the site. We have however found something very similar on the fashion racks of the sleepwear brand, After Dark.  

Okay, more on the look now. The overall impact feels like she quickly rummaged through her wardrobe, picked up whatever came in her hand and pulled together a look from it all. It is extremely relatable. That’s how our lives have been in the past year, right? Also, we love how comfort clothing is at the centre of the aesthetics here. TBH, high chances that we’d also wear our dresses in the exact same way after all the time that we have been spending in the PJs of late. 

The Verdict

Honestly, this is a tough one. However, we do have a look that we favour a little more here. Any guesses? Well, for us the relatability factor trumps fantasy here and thus *drumrolls* it is Khushi’s look that we are voting for. It’s relatable, contemporary, and oh-so-fresh! And anyway from the looks of it skirts with pants is going to be a thing super soon.

Tell us fam, which of these looks would you rather try on?

Featured Image: Instagram