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Coming In Hot! Janhvi Sported A Party-Perfect Glamm & Its Bomb Dot Com

Coming In Hot! Janhvi Sported A Party-Perfect Glamm & Its Bomb Dot Com

The party season is nigh, and Janhvi Kapoor is already turning heads with her glamm! The star is on fire and has been busy putting the “it” in “it girl” with her fab beauty looks. From ’90s-inspired glamm to glimmery disco eyes – she has delivered too many head-turning beauty moments to count. That said, her latest beauty showcase was the one that filled us with envy. The star shared a bomb makeup look on Instagram last night, and the fans are screaming over how stunning the actor looked. 

It’s one of those looks that you wish you could tear out the photo and pin it to your wall – middle-school style – so you can stare at it forever. Her celestially sheeny skin paired with delicately flushed cherub cheeks and silky sparkling eyelids truly made our beauty-loving hearts skip a beat. Well, there is no choice but to copy and paste for the impending party season. This makeup look will ensure all eyes stay on you through all the holiday parties you’ve RSVP’d on your calendar. Seriously, try it out, and no one will be saying anything other than, “OMG! You look stunning!”


Janhvi Kapoor’s Latest Glamm Will Make You Wanna Steal Her MUA

Step 1: Just Dew It!

To ace the base like Janhvi, start by exfoliating your skin with a chemical exfoliator. This will slough off dead skin cells and give you smoother skin. Apply a hydrating serum and moisturiser. Then, slather on an illuminating primer. Let the products sink in before moving on to the next step. Apply a full-coverage foundation by using a damp sponge. Then, apply concealer under your eyes and on any scars that you’d like to cover. 

Step 2: Brow Down!

Grab a brow stencil and draw feather-like strokes to fill in the sparse areas. Then, brush them in place using a tinted brow gel. 


Step 3: Eye-Conic

Start by applying an eye primer all over your lids. Load some nude brown shadow and apply it along the crease of your eyes to define your eye sockets. Focus it on the outer corner of your eyes to give your peepers an elongated look. Don’t forget to apply it along the lower lash line.  Then, apply creamy metallic eyeshadow all over your lids. Trace the kohl liner along the upper lash line and create an upturned flick at the end. Complete the look by applying mascara and sticking a dramatic pair of false eyelashes

Step 4: Sculpted To The Heavens

Use a powder bronzer to warm up your complexion. Run it along the areas you’d like to contour like the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and hairline. 


Step 5: Rock That Intergalactic Shine

To mimic her flush, apply cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, and blend it upwards towards the temple. Apply a liquid highlighter on the high point of your face to get the glow of your dreams. Then, seal the deal by spritzing on a makeup setting spray. 

Step 6: Gloss On, Worries Gone

Complete the look by sweeping on a high-shine nude brown lip gloss. 


Try this look and we bet all eyes will be on your this holiday season!

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Dec 2022
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