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Janhvi Kapoor Has Words Of Wisdom For Li’l Sis Khushi & We’re Hella Impressed

Janhvi Kapoor Has Words Of Wisdom For Li’l Sis Khushi & We’re Hella Impressed

We’re all aware that social media can be a double-edged sword, especially if you’re a celeb. While it allows them to connect with their audience, it could also lead to a lot of self-pressure to brand yourself as a certain social media entity. Now as Khushi Kapoor forays into Bollywood and the mad world of fandom, Janhvi Kapoor had a few words of wisdom for her li’l sis. 


Speaking about a highlighted social media presence, Janhvi said while she understands its importance, she wants Khushi to focus on more weighted things. “I think what it comes down to is your film. If you don’t have your films going for you then I guess these things take centre stage. But first and foremost, you reach the audience through your films. My Instagram personality is not at all what I am in my movies. I think that might be counterproductive, I think it throws people off a little bit but that’s how it is. I wouldn’t want her to pay any attention to that, to cater to some sort of image,” Janhvi expressed. Well, we love that Janhvi is looking out for her sibling in the most adorable way. 

Recently, the Roohi actress also tried protecting her younger sibling from social media trolls who incessantly say mean things about Khushi. “I’ve seen my sister work tirelessly and work really hard and she’s auditioning for this role. She wanted this so badly, I’m just so happy for her and I hope it goes well. If anyone says anything bad about her, all these trolls, I am gonna screw them up. I swear, I hate them,” said older sis Janhvi. 

Now knowing that Janhvi can play the role of protective badi didi really well, everyone who has nasty things to say—beware! 

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04 Aug 2022

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