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It’s A Brand New World: MyGlamm Acquires POPxo

It’s A Brand New World: MyGlamm Acquires POPxo

POPxo & Plixxo has been the most fulfilling & exhilarating journey over the past 8 years. It has been a true privilege to go through all the ups and downs that come with building something of this magnitude. The learnings have been immense and invaluable. 

From a simple idea “let’s create content for Indian women”–to building a platform with millions of engaged monthly users. Doing everything along with content–festivals, web series, planking in Jio Gardens to break a world record, doing fashion shows & producing amazing merchandise, even beauty products!! 

Making hundreds of videos with billions of views, writing thousands of stories, and creating many thousands of memes–Looking back I am staggered to think what incredible teams can deliver. Many folks joined us–many stayed on, some moved on–I am grateful to all of them. Especially to the many who have seen us scale and grow from the beginning and those who believed and helped us scale.

We had lots of help along the way–Advisors, mentors, investors & well-wishers. It really saw us through. It helped us build brands that have endured the test of time and will now continue to scale greater heights. 

It has not been easy. Nothing truly worthwhile ever is. There have been moments when it all got too much. But simply persevering and carrying on saw us through. That and the different folks who met us along the way, helping us navigate what felt like insurmountable obstacles. 

There is a strong element of luck. An element of chance. Of sheer happenstance. Timing is key. We, thankfully, had benevolent gods looking out for us.   

Today we begin yet another momentous chapter with MyGlamm acquiring us. We have gained a powerful partner with whom we have so much in common. 

I will join #MyGlammPOPxo as Co-Founder. 

Together, we continue in our mission to engage our users, create great content, make amazing products & work with top influencers–we will now do so across three giant platforms–POPxo, MyGlamm & Plixxo!

POPxo and Plixxo will carry on as usual–with the added benefit of partnering with MyGlamm – India’s largest direct-to-consumer beauty brand.

I am so very lucky to work with Darpan Sanghvi, Founder & CEO of MyGlamm, to create immense value for our users and our stakeholders. He has been a true partner as we navigated the complexities of putting a deal of this magnitude together. 

I am immensely grateful to all who made this happen. It is great news and many, many congratulations to our awesome team members, advisors & investors. Most importantly to our users who have supported us so ardently from the very beginning. 

It is the beginning of something truly amazing. 

I am excited and raring to go forwards, to continue to build and grow. It is still Day 1 for all of us at MyGlamm, POPxo & Plixxo – what a wonderful moment this is.

07 Aug 2020

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