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It Was A Tough Phase: Ankita Lokhande Reveals What Vicky Jain Said To Her After Sushant’s Death

It Was A Tough Phase: Ankita Lokhande Reveals What Vicky Jain Said To Her After Sushant’s Death

The last couple of years have been full of many highs and lows for actress Ankita Lokhande. On one hand, she has been dealing with the loss and trauma of the death of her former boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput, in 2020. On the other, she has had rock-solid support from boyfriend (now husband) Vicky Jain during that tumultuous time, and the couple finally tied the knot last year! Ever since Ankita and Vicky got married, the two have been sharing candid insights into their relationship, from cute PDA moments to honest revelations. Needless to say, it’s quite refreshing to see a couple in the public eye being so honest about their equation, and we can’t get enough of them!

The couple recently made headlines for winning the reality show Smart Jodi. During an episode, Vicky had opened up about when Sushant died and admitted it was a tough phase for him and Ankita. Now, Ankita has revealed how Vicky supported her after Sushant’s death, and how she coped with the constant trolling. She said, “They started saying, ‘Ankita was best for Sushant and she should always be with Sushant’. Social media turned abusive towards Vicky telling him to leave me because I was good for Sushant. It is not easy for a man to watch his to-be wife giving interviews on her ex-boyfriend on television and talking about her past. There were different stories emerging every day and I was right there talking about Sushant all the time.”

Ankita added that besides Vicky, even his family gave her all the support she needed. She also revealed exactly what Vicky said to her after Sushant’s death. “Vicky stood there and became my strength and told me, ‘Do whatever you think is best for Sushant’ and that’s why I could do my best for Sushant. We were both living in a state of shock and trolls made life even more difficult for us. When Sushant died and I started talking about him, I was in a constant state of confusion whether I was doing the right thing, and Vicky was the one who supported me,” she said.

The Manikarnika actress added that it was extremely stressful for the couple to deal with new stories in the press every day about her and Sushant. She said, “For six months, there were constant stories of my past with Sushant emerging. If I was in Vicky’s position, I would not have been able to see him talking about his past with a woman. I had taken a stand for Sushant and I could do that because Vicky was on my side.”

Well, Vicky sounds like the sweetest husband ever! We’re glad that the couple overcame such a hard time and got to live their happily ever after. Here’s hoping we continue to get more such candid relationship insights from the two!

06 Jun 2022

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