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Is Nishant Bhat Going To Be A Part Of Bigg Boss 15? This Hilarious Video Reveals The Secret

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Sep 23, 2021
Is Nishant Bhat Going To Be A Part Of Bigg Boss 15? This Hilarious Video Reveals The Secret


Earlier, we believed that right after the Bigg Boss OTT finale, we will get to watch BB 15 on our television screen. We also assumed that a few gharwalas will smoothly shift from the OTT house to the main house. Turns out, everything we thought we knew was completely wrong! While the reality show on the OTT platform ended on September 19, the upcoming season will apparently premiere on October 2 on TV. TBH, we are still a little disappointed to know that only two contestants from BB OTT will be seen in BB 15.

Wait a sec, two? That’s right! While Pratik Sehajpal got a direct entry on the upcoming season on the Grand Finale night, he will now be joined by another gharwala. Hint: He was his BFF on the show and together they indulged in several teen-do-panch shenanigans. Yes, we’re talking about Nishant Bhat!


The rumour mills have been buzzing that Pratik and Nishant are in quarantine and will participate in season 15 together. But, now we have another reason to believe that the claims might actually be true. Former BB OTT contestant and close friend of both the players, Moose Jattana, accidentally revealed so herself.

The starlet hosted an Instagram Live session recently and was cutely making fun of her two BFFs. She said, “Wo bechare ro-ro kar mujhe call karte hai. Maine kaha matt ro, matt ro. Meko pata hai main zyada famous ho gayi tumse, main logon ko zyada pasand aayi Nishant aur Pratik! Par tum dil par matt lo baat. Tumhe fir try mil raha hai ek. Tumhe ek aur mauka mil raha hai apne aap ko prove karne ke liye. Jao ja kar prove karo (They call me crying and I ask them not to cry. I know I got more fame than you and people loved me more, Nishant and Pratik. But you both are getting a second chance. Go prove yourselves there).”

Her surprised expression at the end of the clip revealed that she spilled the beans and she wasn’t supposed to! Well, the cat is now out of the bag now and we’re so glad about it. We loved Pratik’s bond with Nishant and think they will make a very strong duo in the house. Also, the choreographer is entertaining AF and we defs wanted to see more of him on our screen.

Well, BB 15 mein aa rahe Nishant Babu and we’re so excited about it!

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