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Is Dry Brushing Really Worth The Hype? Here’s The Lowdown On The Body Care Trend

Is Dry Brushing Really Worth The Hype? Here’s The Lowdown On The Body Care Trend

Have you ever come across the term ‘dry brushing’? You may think it is haircare related but it’s not. Dry brushing is a body care trend that rose to popularity in recent years and it is touted to be highly effective in getting rid of dead skin cells. You may be wondering about how using a brush on your body without any product could actually do anything for your skin and it is totally valid to question this trend. But we’re here to debunk and demystify the idea behind dry brushing to determine whether or not it deserves a spot in your beauty routine. So sit back and read on to get a lowdown on this body care trend that’s all the rage currently.

What Is Dry Brushing?

Just like brushing your hair and teeth for maintenance, your skin could use some gentle brushing action too. Dry brushing your skin allows gentle exfoliation of  the upper layers of the skin that  accumulate dead skin cells and dirt. Dry brushing helps slough off these dead skin cells in order to allow the biggest organ of the body (skin) to breathe. 

How To Dry Brush Your Skin?


First and foremost, invest in the right kind of body brush if you want to try out dry brushing. A natural stiff-bristle body brush will do the trick to perform this ritual. Dry brushing needs to be done before a shower, so simply just take your body brush and brush in gentle circular motions from head to toe. Do not use excessive pressure as you do not want to cause pain or damage to your skin by aggressively brushing. This pre shower step will help remove dead skin and dirt from the surface of your skin so that your shower time is reduced. You will also realise that your skin feels much more softer and polished after a bath with this step.

Is Dry Brushing Worth The Hype?

It helps detoxify the skin through the exfoliation process, which is a plus. Dry brushing effectively removes dead skin cells and also unclogs pores while at it so that your soap or shower gel can then deep clean your skin more effectively. The process of dry brushing also stimulates blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage in your body just like how Gua Sha tools or face massage rituals work to remove toxins from your face. Your skin also tends to look brighter and you feel like you received a therapeutic massage after indulging in this body care trend.

Precautions To Take With Dry Brushing


Aside from avoiding aggressive brushing motions, those of you with sensitive skin should be weary of this trend as it can irritate your skin. If you are experiencing eczema or psoriasis or even a body breakout, avoid dry brushing on those areas. Furthermore, after dry brushing and hopping into the shower, avoid using a body exfoliator as it will over exfoliate your skin and might cause damage.

If dry brushing before a shower isn’t your favoured form of skin exfoliation, we recommend:

This is all you need to know about dry brushing. So, would you give this body care trend a try?

Featured Images: Pexels

18 May 2022

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