Mini But Mighty: Why You Should Use A Travel-Sized Mascara Instead Of The Full Tube

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Aug 10, 2020
Mini But Mighty: Why You Should Use A Travel-Sized Mascara Instead Of The Full Tube

Two coats of mascara and red lips–fiercest combo ever!

We all have at least one mascara we swear by that we know will give us fab and fuller lashes. It could be a super expensive one or a drugstore must-have–whatever’s pumping up the volume of those lashes.

But here’s the thing! Late last night, I was watching a YouTube video by Manny MUA where he was comparing travel-sized products to full-sized ones in terms of quality and I was like, “WHAT! Aren’t they supposed to be just a mini version of the full-sized products?” He goes on to mention that his friend shared an article with him which states that mini or travel-sized mascaras are better! You know me, my inquisitive soul couldn’t rest all night, so here’s the real tea!

The Tale Of Two Sized Mascaras

Mascara–the only thing that lifts you(r lashes) when you’re feeling down!

Okay, so let’s sit around an imaginary round table and discuss this–Do you think that travel-sized mascaras are different and better? While you guys debate on this, let me tell you exactly how this started.

A few years ago, a Reddit thread, became viral asking, “…please tell me why I LOVE the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara when it comes in a DS tube, but the full size seems like a totally different product? …Is it a different formula for the smaller size, or am I just imagining things?” The answers below surprised us and literally, everyone around the world.

Well, she isn’t wrong. The could be a number of factors why she feels a slight difference when using a travel-sized mascara in place of a full-sized one! The Reddit users gave their explanation as to why they think might be the reason(s):

– Travel sizes tend to last about as long as the product is good, which keeps it from getting to that awful dried-out state.

– The smaller the packaging, the less air that can enter to dry out the product.

– Generally, the brush on sample mascaras is smaller and more manoeuvrable than the full size.

– I like the wand length [on the travel size Better Than Sex Mascara] much better. I think the longer tube [on the original mascara] ends up putting too much product on the brush on its way out.

These are some valid points made by the user, don’t you agree? Definitely makes you think twice!

I won’t deny, I have my fair share of tiny mascaras that I carry with me everywhere but never gave this a thought. Here’s why you need more of travel-sized mascaras in your life:

– They are cheap! If you have your eyes set on an expensive mascara, you can spend your money well on its mini version.

Easy to carry. Is it me or you also always carry a tiny mascara with you everywhere? Just me? Ok!

Easy to use. Because the wand is much smaller, you have more control over it how you’ll coat your lashes.

– You spend your money well. Not only they are cheap but you will actually use the mascara till its last drop as it’ll have less product in it.

Won’t dry up easily. The reason why you end up throwing your dried-up mascaras is that the constant air exposure dirs up the gloppy product.

– Makes for a great gift. Everyone loves a good mascara! Have your BFFs birthday coming up? Make her a small gift basket containing all of her fave things!

So, what are your thought on this? Are we thinking about investing in more of mini mascara tubes or does size really matter to you? *wink*

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