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7 Intimate Hygiene Practices To Steer Clear Of For A Happy Vagina

7 Intimate Hygiene Practices To Steer Clear Of For A Happy Vagina

From sexual function to your overall health, your genitals have a significant role in your well being. Yet, their care practices are wildly misunderstood. They’re either completely ignored and left to fend for themselves or are unnecessarily experimented with. But do you know that both these paths lead to one dangerously painful outcome? Infections

Meddling too much or not caring at all can cause fungal and bacterial infections on your sensitive genital skin. It can also disturb the vagina’s flora and lead to infections in the vaginal canal, urinary tract, and reproductive organs. The key is to strike a balance and avoid these seven blunders to keep these consequences at bay:

Not Cleaning Up

The cardinal rule of intimate health is to never forget that the vagina has a self-cleansing mechanism and so you’ve got to leave it alone. However, the areas surrounding it–vulva-groin, and the pubic mound–need to be cleansed of the dirt and germ buildup. You can count on Sirona’s Refreshing Intimate Wash to do the job gently. Made with natural ingredients, it leaves your intimate area squeaky clean without disturbing the acidic mantle down there. 

Using Fragrant Products

Your vagina has a natural odour because of its acidic mantle and presence of healthy bacteria that protect it from infections. Any product that promises to make it smell like a bunch of roses is nothing but a hoax that’ll land you in deep trouble. Using fragrant products like sanitary pads, vaginal perfumes, and intimate washes can lead to bacterial and fungal infections down there. They can also cause painful rashes, itching, and irritation on your sensitive genital skin. Try Sirona’s Rash-Free Pads instead. Made with ultra-thin breathable material, they don’t trap excess moisture and naturally keep odour and sweat at bay.


Introducing a stream of water into the vagina to clean it can disturb its natural acidic flora and remove the protective good bacteria. Again, this can lead to severe infections that’ll make you regret falling for this so-called “cleanliness regime”. Repeat after me: the vagina can cleanse itself and doesn’t need my help. 

Unprotected Sex

Not only can unprotected sex lead to an unwanted pregnancy, but it also puts you at a high risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or disease. Using a condom can protect you against gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and the most dangerous one of them all–HIV. Pro tip: You can use Sirona’s Tampon & Condom Disposal Bags to discard used condoms discreetly. These biodegradable bags are odour-concealing, mess-free, tamper-proof and prevent the spread of infections.

Sleep Right After Sex

We get it, you want to choose basking in your post-coital glory with some cuddles, sweet talks, and a nap. However, you’ve got to clean up first and get rid of the buildup of semen, vaginal fluids, sweat, and dirt on your intimate area. Not doing so can lead to bacterial or fungal growth and cause infection and allergies. If you’re too lazy to wash your privates, you can use Sirona’s Intimate Wet Wipes instead. One glide from front to back and tada! Your intimate area will freshen up instantly. 

Not Changing Pads/Tampons Frequently

Safe tampon/pad usage mandate calls for a change every three-four hours. Wearing sanitary aids for longer periods can lead to bacterial growth, infections, and irritation. If you find the frequent loo visits annoying though, you can switch to Sirona’s Menstrual Cup. This reusable device can collect up to 28ml of blood in one go. Its ergonomic suction rim creates a firm suction grip with the vaginal muscles and helps it stay in place. So, this device can give you leakproof protection for eight hours straight.

Using A Dirty Menstrual Cup

Using a dirty menstrual cup can introduce bacteria into the vagina, disturb its natural flora, and lead to severe infections like UTIs and bacterial vaginosis. So, it’s important to clean your menstrual cup before inserting it into the vagina. While on the go, emptying the cup and washing it with water before wearing it again is enough. But you’ve got to cleanse it with Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash once or twice a day to eliminate germs and unclog its suction holes. 

Additionally, you must disinfect your cup once between your cycle and once before storing the cup for your next period. You can use Sirona’s Menstrual Cup Sterilizer for a quick, hassle-free cup cleanse. It kills 99.9% of germs in only three minutes and makes your cup safe for reuse. 

Folks, steer clear of making these mistakes and your intimate and vaginal health will flourish. For more information on period management and intimate health, spare a minute to take this survey

Featured Image: Pexels

26 May 2022

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