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From A Sculpted Jawline To A Zen Mind, Yoginis Tell Us Why Yoga Is A Must

From A Sculpted Jawline To A Zen Mind, Yoginis Tell Us Why Yoga Is A Must

Yoga is an age-old practice that not only stretches and relaxes the body down but is great for the mind as well, Yoga has become the go-to fitness routine for most people today. With diverse exercises, Yoga can be practised anywhere from corners of the home to lavish studios, making it a simple way to stay healthy.

The benefits one can expect from practising Yoga regularly are no more a secret. Everybody from Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga to Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan, swear by Yoga to look their best and stay in shape. While many of the exercises focus on toning the body, a few specific techniques are designed to alleviate stress, relax the facial muscles and tone the face well.

Wondering how to get that perfectly sculpted jawline without going under the knife? Face Yoga is the answer!

What Is Face Yoga?

Exercises targeted at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines, draining the lymph nodes, stretching, toning and lifting the face. In most body Yoga poses, the face is neglected a lot of the time. Face Yoga targets only the facial muscles to relax and relieve them of stress too.

Face Yoga Has Become Increasingly Popular To Sculpt The Face. Tell Us The Go-To Face Yoga Exercises You Swear By?

To kick things off, Ira Trivedi who doubles as a bestselling author believes, “Face yoga is fantastic. It is very easy to include in our day-to-day routine. I do full-face yoga every day. For example, a gentle massage underneath your eyes can really really help you in getting rid of puffiness and dark circles. So, three face yoga exercises that I do on a daily basis are:

1. Palming – Great for eyes.
2. Kapala Randhra Dhauti – Wrinkle Control
3. Balloon Face – Popping out cheeks like a balloon and staying there for a moment. It helps in circulation and relaxes the tension.”

Vibhuti Arora, India’s first certified Face Yoga teacher and the founder of Face Yoga School India affirms, “Face Yoga stimulates blood flow and is highly beneficial in toning the facial muscles – which we use every second even while blinking. My Signature 1 Minute Vibhuti Massage is a perfectly relaxing and toning exercise which targets all the 5 zones – Forehead, Eye Muscles, Cheeks, Jaw & Jowl and Neck.”

How Often Should One Practice Yoga For Good Skin And Hair?

Author-Yogini, Trivedi believes, “You should practice on a  daily basis. Yoga every day keeps the doctor away. You can even say yoga every day keeps skin doctors away!”

For Arora, the key to performing Yoga is to not force it. She suggests, “Generally performing Yoga asanas 2-5 times a week with a concentration on breathing is beneficial for healthy skin and hair. My signature techniques are a balance of Facial stretching, Face cardio, Face yoga & cooldown.”

What Role Does Yoga Play In Skin And Hair Health?

When it comes to skin and hair, two things that are important to almost every girl, “A proper blood flow in the body ensures a clear skin and keeps all skin and hair issues at bay,” Vibhuti tells us. “Toxins removal via lymphatic drainage techniques also becomes seamless. By practising Yoga regularly, there is a boost in the blood flow as well as regulation in cortisol levels which results in healthy skin and hair,” she adds.

Ira agrees that Yoga plays a very important role in improving skin and hair health. “It is because yoga poses are aimed at working on our endocrine system. It basically means, it works on our hormones and it’s especially helpful for women. Yogic practices are great for our body systems. It gives great results. Yoga asanas work by increasing the blood circulation in our bodies. Thus, play an important role in improving skin & hair health,” she amplifies.

What Are Some Other Practices You Swear By To Stay Fit And Have Healthy Skin And Hair?

Besides just Yoga alone, Vibhuti Arora believes that making slight amends in our everyday life works wonders. “Like drinking 3-5 litres of water every day and getting a proper good night’s sleep ensures a healthy body, mind and soul. That’s the holistic way of living. It’s all about balance, my approach doesn’t ask you to leave your vices but control it such that all of us millennials can enjoy the benefits of both worlds,” she says about her well-rounded approach.

As for Ira Trivedi, “Getting out in the sun is a good practice. Wake up early in the morning, and try to get a bit of sun on your face and body. It is extremely beneficial.” Don’t forget that SPF though!

There you have it – your trick to a sculpted face and healthier skin and hair!

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21 Jun 2022

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