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Happy Birthday, Ananya! 10 Fun Facts You Did Not Know About The 21-Year-Old Star

Naina SharmaNaina Sharma  |  Oct 29, 2019
Happy Birthday, Ananya! 10 Fun Facts You Did Not Know About The 21-Year-Old Star


Ananya Panday is one of the most celebrated star kids in the film industry. With a blockbuster earlier this year, Chunky Panday’s daughter is all set to hit the screens for the second time (in less than 8 months) in her next Pati Patni Aur Woh which is slated for release on December 6. While the SOTY 2 actor has made a spot for herself in Bollywood in no time, fans and paparazzi can’t stop swooning over her amazing looks and fun self. Ananya has turned 21 today and we thought it’s the perfect time to give you some fun and interesting facts about the little diva. 

1. Ananya Loves Birthdays!


Ananya Panday is someone who loves birthdays and especially when it is her own. Her friends even took to the social media and posted videos of the SOTY 2 actor wearing a ‘Birthday Girl’ sash. One of her friends even captioned Ananya’s photo yesterday, “In case no one notices… Ananya will make sure everyone knows it is her birthday tomorrow”. Well, isn’t the Libra baby just like anyone of us?


2. Made Her Debut At ‘Le Bal’ Gala

While most of us think that Ananya made her debut in Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2, Chunky Panday’s daughter, in fact, made her debut a little before that- at Le Bal Paris. She was joined by the likes of Jaipur’s Maharaja Padmanabh Singh and Princess Gauravi Kumari.

Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris, popularly known as Le Bal, is an annual event of royal kids held in the month of November (mostly teenagers) aged 16-22.

3. Ananya Was Obsessed With SOTY

Ananya has always been quite vocal about her obsession with Student Of The Year, the first one starring Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra. The 21-year old had repeatedly confessed that she always wanted to be a part of Karan Johar’s movie and therefore, did not think twice before saying yes for her role in SOTY 2, alongside Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria. 

4. Shares Her Trainer With Alia Bhatt

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A post shared by Yasmin Karachiwala (@yasminkarachiwala) on Mar 27, 2019 at 8:14am PDT

Ananya is trained by celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala who also happens to train Alia Bhatt. Chunky Panday’s daughter is a health junkie and is quite often seen giving us major #fitnessgoals. 

5. Ananya Was Mentored By Salman Khan


Ananya was mentored by none other than Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan. The superhit actor has earlier mentored and trained the likes of Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan among many others. Before Ananya announced SOTY 2 as her first movie, speculations were rife that she would be launched by Dabangg Khan instead. 

6. Postponed Admission In USC

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I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t feel like I needed to explain myself to anyone, but the rumours that I faked my admission at USC have been doing the rounds for a while now. They've been getting out of hand, and it’s even more unfair and sad that my family and friends have to go through this. As I've stated earlier, I was accepted by Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC for a major in Communication in the Spring 2018 semester. But since I was shooting for my first film and the release date later got pushed, I had to request for a deferral (which means postponing my admission) twice – first to Fall 2018 and later to Fall 2019, both of which they gracefully agreed to do. In my case, I could only defer my admission two times so I will not be attending university (for now), since I’ve decided to pursue my career in acting. As for the people who have been trying to pull me down with these accusations, I would like to send you all lots of love, peace and positivity. And would also like to say that even though they’re claiming to be my classmates (nameless and faceless) – I'm sure they aren’t because I’ve grown up with the people I went to school with and they would never do something like that. It's never okay to bully anyone – creating fake conversations, stories and screenshots is very dangerous and can seriously damage people’s lives. So please be loving, positive and kind. ❤ (PS – my father’s real name is Suyash and I blurred out my address for security reasons)

A post shared by Ananya 💛💫 (@ananyapanday) on Jun 8, 2019 at 2:36am PDT

Ananya Panday got accepted into the University of Southern California around the time when she decided to opt for Bollywood instead. There was a lot of controversy around her admission after her classmate claimed that she had faked her acceptance letter. The bold actor then shut down rumours of lying about college admission and even took to social media to share the official documents sent to her by the University. Way to go, Ananya!

7. Ananya Is A Pooch Lover!

Anybody who scrolls down through Ananya Panday’s social media feed would know that she is a dog lover. Quite recently so, the actor even took to Instagram on the occasion of Diwali to requested everyone to not burst firecrackers this Diwali and be considerate about dogs. She has two dogs named Astro and Fudge. Aren’t those names aww-dorable? 

8. Ananya Is Oh So +

Ananya even started an initiative called ‘So+’ to help tackle social media trolls.

9. Ananya Panday Is A Foodie Just Like Us!


Ananya is a BIG foodie and her greatest obsession is butter chicken and cheese naan. She even said once, “Butter chicken and cheese naan. I’m going to get a tattoo of that in another language so people don’t understand what it means. I’ll tell them it means the word ‘mum’ or ‘beautiful’ or something.”

10. Ananya Is A Huge Bebo, Alia & Deepika Fan

Here’s proof!

A very Happy Birthday, Ananya! Be as fun and amazing as you are RN!

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