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Uncivilised And Out Of Control: Instances That Prove Bigg Boss 13 Is The Worst Season Yet!

Uncivilised And Out Of Control: Instances That Prove Bigg Boss 13 Is The Worst Season Yet!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that with its soaring TRPs, Bigg Boss has become the mother of all reality TV shows. And over the years, makers have tried their best to bring in some really interesting twists, contestants and most importantly, drama, that had us hooked over the past 12 seasons. However, this season has crossed all limits and housemates are going beyond what can be called entertainment. Their fights are so disgusting that sometimes I have to watch their episodes on mute.

Season 10 and 11 had celebrities and a few commoners. And during these two seasons, we saw housemates at their worst behaviour. Remember Swami Om? The man who threw his urine on co-contestants and Priyanka Jagga. The two of them stirred controversies, one after the other. Both the contestants were eventually evicted from the show. 

This season, however, has topped the charts when it comes to uncivilised behaviour, fights, controversies, women body-shaming each other. It’s so disgusting that even Bhai aka Salman Khan has threatened to resign as the host of the show.

Here’s Taking A Look At Some Of The Worst Moments From Bigg Boss Season 13

Earlier seasons have seen evictions on the basis of contestants’ rude behaviour or assaulting their housemates. Some of the contestants who were evicted from the show are Swami Om, Priyank Sukhija, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan for resorting to physical violence and Priyanka Jagga for the personal comments she made against Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother. However, this season, despite seeing dramatic fights, housemates insulting each other and pushing one another, has not seen any eviction so far. And what’s the biggest punishment that a housemate gets if he/she does any of the above? Bigg Boss just nominates them for two weeks. Are you serious, Bigg Boss? That’s it? Now let us tell you that Siddharth Shukla, the villain of the house, has already received a two-week nomination punishment twice. Which also means, he easily gets away with being rude and sometimes violent in the house.

Rashami- SIddharth fights have taken an ugly turn

This Weekend Ka Vaar episode saw a massive fight between Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla. And, we have to say, the fight outdid any of the previous ones they’ve had in the house (even Bhai was shocked this time and schooled them for not bringing out their past on the show). Rashami and Sidharth got into a heated and demeaning verbal exchange (like do kaudi ki aukat, kachra, keechad and much more). In a rage, Rashami threw tea on Siddharth and the two got completely out of control.

Arhaan Khan threatened to throw acid on Siddharth Shukla

This season touched a new low when Arhaan Khan threatened to throw acid on co-contestant Sidharth Shukla’s face. The fans were so shocked that they started tagging the Mumbai Police on Twitter. Arhaan said it during the fight between Siddharth and Rashami, defending Rashami. Their fight got violent as Rashmi and Sidharth threw tea on each other amid an angry exchange of words.

Mahira Sharma-Shefali Jariwala body-shaming each other

A few weeks ago, Rashami Desai, Madhurima Tuli and Shefali Jariwala took the route to go personal. They took a dig at Mahira Sharma, passing comments on her lips. Rashami and Shefali made a toy doll out of a pillow and gave the doll huge lips, using Rashami’s lip-shaped kit. Rashami and Shefali then played with the doll and called Asim to introduce him to his ‘new sister’. Asim went on to say that his sister was born abnormal and doesn’t have usual lips like others.

Shefali Bagga body-shamed Rashami Desai in the fourth episode of this season

Bigg Boss had assigned a task to housemates, which had them divided into a team of doctors and patients. The team of doctors had to ‘treat’ the patients in an operation theatre using various torture techniques (like putting cow dung or tanning cream on them). While Shenaaz and Shefali were doctors, they had to ‘treat’ Rashami and Arti, and they were assigned ‘ear treatment’. While Shehnaaz kept blabbering nonstop, Shefali asked them questions, revealing some REALLY personal details.

Shefali asked Rashami about her age and profession. Here’s how she framed her questions:

Kya umar ho gayi hai aapki? Umar toh bata do apni.

Shehnaaz chipped in and said, “22 saal.” To which, Shefali said, “22 nahi 14-15 saal. Aur itna lamba jo kaam kar liya hai aapne, usse log andaza lagate hain ki aap 35 saal ke ho. 25 se bade nahi ho paaye.” (How old are you? 22? No, 14-15. And all this work that you have done, because of this people think you are 35.)

Shefali then went a step ahead and said that while Rashami has been eating well and gaining weight, she has not shown any presence of mind anywhere. She said, “Khaate peete nahi ho kya? Khaate peete toh ho kyunki motapa toh bad gaya hai par dimaag nahi.”

If anything is different this season, it is that contestants are constantly breaking rules of the house. However, none of the rule-breakers have been evicted so far. But why, is the question on everyone’s mind! 

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23 Dec 2019

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