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Gotta Double Tap That: 10 of The Most ‘Gram-Worthy Spots At The #MyGlammExperienceStore

In Bombay, we have cosy cafes, boutique hotels, the Queen’s necklace and Victoria Gothic architecture that serve as pretty backgrounds to click our selfies. However, we’ve never had an Instagrammable place before dedicated solely to beauty- up till now. Say hello to the MyGlamm Experience Store at Juhu. It’s spacious, it’s gorgeous, and it’s India’s largest experience-driven beauty store! The next time you drop by at the MyGlamm store, be prepared to click a million selfies and have oodles of fun!

Here Are 10 of The Most Instagrammable Moments At The #MyGlammExperienceStore!

After all, it’s the perfect place to hang out with your girls, try on makeup and make new memories! 

It’s All About The Glow


From lightweight cleansers to hydrating sheet masks, you can pamper your skin here at the gorgeous ‘Glow All Out’ station. For a vintage effect, click those selfies on your Huji camera. 

VIP Treatment, Anyone?



More than this gorgeous pastel pink room, look at those gorgeous bright lights at the side. Posing against this backdrop for your next selfie will surely fetch you a bunch of likes on the ‘Gram! 

Bathroom Selfies For The Win!



Isn’t this the prettiest washroom you’ve ever seen? Everything from that white neon signboard to the coffee marble sink looks fancy-schmancy! Not to forget, the ring light built-in mirror will make sure that you get the best lighting for your selfies!

Lights, Camera, Action!



Need a quiet and neat place to shoot your beauty videos? Check this spot out! It’s got a tripod for your camera, a cutesy chair for you to sit comfortably on, and a table in front to keep your makeup products. They’ve really thought of everything, haven’t they?

Stairway To Heaven



Who wouldn’t want to pose next to a pretty staircase like this one? And look- it’s got a mirror above which is great to click those aesthetic shots.

Objects In The Mirror Are Cuter Than They Appear



You know that annoying feeling when you try on a lipstick shade at the store, and you have to run to the nearest mirror to see how it looks on you? Yeah, you won’t experience that here. Each beauty station has its own mirror equipped with lighting. 

Pretty In Pink



This is a great spot to click pictures because there is absolutely no clutter in the background. If you’re a budding MUA, then this also a great space to do a makeup tutorial for your followers on Insta.

Experience The Royalty First-Hand!


If you’ve always been a fan of the one and only celeb fashion designer, Manish Malhotra, then you will surely appreciate his beauty line as well. They have the word ‘luxe’ labeled all over them. And the spot also makes a gorgeous spot to click a picture (or 100) in!

Time Well Spent With The Girls

This is a great space to catch up with your girls and talk about makeup all day long. And while you’re at it, click a few selfies too?

Checkout With A Smile!


This has to be one of the prettiest and coolest cash counters in Bombay. While you wait in line to checkout, don’t miss the opportunity of clicking a few Insta-worthy pictures! 

If you don’t have any plans this weekend, why don’t you drop by the store with your squad? We’re sure you ladies will have a ball of a time here! We’re waiting for you. *hugs*

Featured Image: MyGlamm

13 Jan 2021

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