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7 Instagram Makeup Hacks I Saved For My Weekend Plans

7 Instagram Makeup Hacks I Saved For My Weekend Plans

Instagram is chock-full of hacks, and I’m always saving them to make my life a little more convenient. That’s why, when I come across makeup-related hacks, the altruist in me emerges, and saves them for you as well—because, hey, I got you. Since the weekend is almost here, I’m rounding up a couple of hacks I stumbled upon on my feed this week. Ahead—the best of them all.

Trending Makeup Hacks To Try For Your Saturday Night-Out

Tastes Like Strawberries

One of the easiest ways to replicate a lit-from-within glow is by combining a little bit of your go-to blush with a pea-sized drop of your highlighter. Mandy has tried this hack with a shade of pink that’s on the lighter side; but you can experiment with different colours as well. Apply the formula to the apples of your cheeks with a brush, and blend it in for a barely-there rose-tinted flush.

Skin Is Gleamin’

When I say my dark under-eyes are the bane of my existence, I mean it; but this hack shows me how to co-exist with them. All you have to do is layer your under-eyes with a highlighter, and dab the formula into the area before packing it in with a concealer. Continue blending for a seamless finish. Don’t forget to colour-correct at the start though.

All That Glitters

If you’re looking for something dramatic, glitter-laden lips are a concept to start off with. Line your lips with a dark-brown lip-liner, and fill them in with a nude lipstick. Coat your brush in glitter, and dab it all over your lips before sealing it in with a clear lip-gloss. You can attempt this hack before applying makeup to the rest of your face—so you’ll be able to wipe off any fall-out without ruining your base.

Gurls With Curls

You’ve been curling your lashes wrong. For fuller-looking lashes, you must lift your eyelids before pressing a curler down on your lashes. This lift will, literally, lift your lashes like never before. And it doesn’t even require anything apart from a curler.

Get Your Act Together

Here are some beginner-friendly hacks for you. First—with your spoolie or brow-brush, groom your brows in the opposite direction of the growth of your hair before brushing them out. Second—for an instant face-lift, apply concealer to the inner-corners and outer-corners of your under-eyes before blending. Third—try adding a pop of colour to your eyes. Fourth—wait for ten seconds before going in for a second or third coat of mascara.

No(se) Strings Attached

You have a tweezer, and a little bit of contour—here’s what you do with them. Layer your tweezer with the product, and slide it over the length of your nose, and across the tip before blending it all in. Drape some concealer over the nose like she has, and you’re good to go.

Lippin’ It Up

Something the Internet discovered recently? Your eyebrow-pencil is your perfect lip-shade. Line your lips with the pencil before packing in a liquid-based blush onto the center of your lips, and concluding with your go-to gloss.

And that was it—time to look expensive and all.

Featured Image: Instagram

27 May 2022

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