B’Day Boy Kartik Aaryan’s Apartment Is One Stylish Haven & We Wish We Lived In It Too

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 22, 2021
B’Day Boy Kartik Aaryan’s Apartment Is One Stylish Haven & We Wish We Lived In It Too


We all have different views about Kartik Aaryan’s movies, but there’s one thing we all can agree upon unanimously—he’s one fine actor. His journey in Bollywood has been hella interesting and he has made quite an impactful mark in the industry. On his 31st birthday today, we cannot help but admire his success story that is inspiring in the truest sense. From living in a PG and sharing a room with a dozen other boys to now owning that place along with a luxurious abode in Mumbai, the actor has surely come a long way.

Talking about his beautiful home, we often get a sneak peek of it through his social media pics and videos and we have to say, it’s quite stunning. Kartik’s apartment is located in Mumbai’s Versova neighbourhood and there’s something extremely warm about his place. Take a look at this video that gives us a glimpse of his bedroom and balcony:

While we love his rap, we are enjoying the virtual tour of his place even more. Our hawk-eyed gaze has captured every little detail about his home and here’s everything we have noticed:

Cozy Bedroom In The Warmest Colour

It seems that blue is one of Kartik’s favourite colours. That’s what he’s wearing in the video and that’s also the shade of his wall in his bedroom. Also, not that we’re keeping a track of or anything (we kinda are), the actor is often seen in blue during the promotions of his movie!

Apart from the blue and white walls, we also notice a study slash work desk at the corner of the room. He has personalised the wall above it with pictures and notes and we wish we could get a closer look at them. The highlight of Kartik’s bedroom has to be the huge windows that give a clear view of the city and have a TV mounted on them.

He has kept his balcony sweet and simple with a diwan at one end, decorated with cushions and a comfy mattress. In the middle of the balcony is a small table and this is the place where we often see the actor making his Insta videos.

The Familiar Living Area

Several actors including Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan have shared glimpses of their apartments on their social media handles during the lockdown. While we love all of them, we have to say that Kartik’s home has a special place in our hearts. It’s neither too fancy nor too boring. It is decorated with love and has a personalised touch all over that we cannot stop noticing.

Instead of opting for dark hues, his living area is full of subtle neutral shades and mirrors that give a warm and bright look to the entire space. The light blue and wooden shelves have family pics and Kartik’s awards showcased on them. The sofa looks quite cosy and has blue cushions on it. It is the kind of space where you would sit with your fam and chill together, just like the actor can be seen doing in the video.

Kartik’s Kool Kitchen

Kartik’s kitchen has to be our favourite corner of his house and the entire credit for it goes to him. While the space looks simple and chic, it’s the way the actor has decorated it that makes it look like a true millennial’s kitchen. He has speakers installed at the entrance and honestly, he looks extremely cool even while cleaning dishes in the video. Well, that’s one tip we are going to apply in our kitchen as well now.

Happy birthday, Kartik! We wish your place is always filled with love and laughter, and we would love to get an ovirtual tour of your place soon!

Featured Image: Instagram