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Ingredients To Add To Your Stash To Combat Every Under Eye Concern

Ingredients To Add To Your Stash To Combat Every Under Eye Concern

The endless Instagram scrolls, the existential crisis that strikes our brains at 2 a.m., or binge-watching the entire show on Netflix – we’ve all had those sleepless nights. But it can really screw up our appearance. The eyes and the skin surrounding them seems to be the hardest hit – some experience dark circles, extra-thin skin with fine lines, and puffy or swollen bags creeping around the edges. While sometimes it’s entirely down to our genes, often it’s our late-night binge-watching sessions that lead to under-eye darkness that greets us in the morning. 

Under-eye issues can stem from a myriad of reasons from external to internal factors. To help you combat them, we’re listing down the hero ingredients. The list has it all.

The Hero Ingredients To Fight Every Type Of Under Eye Concern


To Combat Puffiness

Does the under-eye puffiness come and go? If it is worse in the morning and lessens by the evening, the most likely cause behind it is fluid retention. Lifestyle factors, such as eating too much salty food, not getting enough sleep, and even sinus and other allergic problems can aggravate the under-eye issue. Caffeine-loaded formulas work best for this concern as they constrict blood vessels and can reduce the amount of fluid retained. Swollen under-eyes can also be caused due to a loss of muscle tone and skin laxity. Retinol and different types of peptides can also help rejuvenate the skin by promoting collagen production in the area to tighten the skin.

Dark Circles, Who?

Our skin under the eye is the thinnest. Hence, dilated vessels show through and look like dark circles. While this can also be hereditary, Vitamin B or Vitamin D deficiency or stress in the skin can also cause dark circles. Eye creams containing lactic acid or malic acid gently exfoliate the surface pigmentation, and ceramides to moisturise and rebuild the skin serve well for this purpose. Emblica, kojic acid, and licorice are the ingredients that work as pigment-lightening agents. Vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant that can help boost collagen production and strengthen blood vessels while reducing under-eye puffiness. In addition to this, Vitamin E and retinol can help restore collagen for dark eyelids and reduce inflammation. You can begin with bakuchiol as it is a gentler alternative to retinol for fine line smoothing. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that regulates blood clotting. It promotes tissue regeneration and is a powerful antioxidant. And helps lighten dark circles in the orbital area of the yes, especially if you have blue-black dark circles. 

Buh-Bye, Fine Lines

As we enter our thirties, hyaluronic acid starts to deplete, resulting in fine lines. Applying the ingredients topically is extremely beneficial. Fine lines are a sign of delay in collagen production, so you need collagen-boosting peptides and barrier-restoring ceramides for restored, plump skin. If you are already using a retinol eye cream, ensure that you are using hyaluronic acid to provide lots of hydration to prevent dryness and skin irritation. Two powerful ingredients found in prescription creams include haloxyl complex and chrysin. Together these powerhouse ingredients work to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Bid Adieu To Dry Under Eyes

The under-eyes require extra nourishment to help keep the barrier intact. Vitamin E, squalene, and ceramides help in restoring the skin’s moisture content. You can also add on hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient to give your under-eye area the much-needed nourishment it deserves. Exfoliate the skin gently with lactic acid to remove surface dryness and then help the creams to penetrate deeper. 

Brb, adding these eye creams to my skincare stash stat!

Featured Image: Pexels

01 Jun 2022

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