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Relax To The Max: 6 Indulgent Body Washes To Turn To When You Need Some Serious TLC

Relax To The Max: 6 Indulgent Body Washes To Turn To When You Need Some Serious TLC

My ideal weekend includes a heavy self-care session – nail care, skincare, body care – all the works. And every self-care sesh is incomplete without an indulgent exfoliate, polish, and bath routine. Now I don’t know about you, but I like my body washes to give me a delectable experience and make me feel like I am on a tropical vacation. I’ll go out on a limb, and assume that you too gauge a body wash on similar criteria. After all, we all use self-care to fill the big void only vacations can fill.

A vacation void or not, showering is a therapeutic activity that has scientifically proven to literally ‘wash away your worries’. Studies have shown that a difference in water temperature can change your mood completely. Similarly, an uplifting aromatic experience can make your daily shower ritual even more gratifying.

A Handpicked Selection – Just For You

To save you the trouble of scouring the internet for the best body wash for your mood, we have created a list of body washes that will go with your mood of the day.

For Some Well Deserved Stress Relief

POV: You had a tiring WFH today or a day filled with class assignments. You’re in the mood for a relaxing shower. There is no better companion than this Bath & Body Works Foaming shower gel. Infused with the aroma of cooling spearmint and calming eucalyptus, your shower session is not going to be anything short of therapeutic activity.

Relive Summer With This Body Wash

If you’re already a victim of the infamous monsoon blues, or just in the mood to revisit everybody’s favourite season of mangoes and daisies, this body wash should be on your shopping list. Its soothing fragrance of the Tahitian Tiare flowers will help you unwind and distress like no other. For all those who are not that big on the Summer season, you’re lucky we have 4 more options for you!

Your Girly Charm Fix In A Bottle

If you’re a girly girl like me, you must love your strawberry, citrusy, and floral fragrances. If this is the case, then I do not need to tell you how high up the Japanese Cherry Blossom ranks on the list. Formulated with a genius mix of fresh and floral fragrances, this shower gel offers a true indulgence for the lover of anything flowery and sweet.

Cold Shower Benefits

For Your Rosy Romantic Mood

It’s getting hot in here! Things have taken a romantic turn and we are prepared. Romance and rose go hand-in-hand, and this body wash by Love Beauty & Planet is your ultimate fix. Rich with the entrancing fragrance of rose, and the intense nourishment of Murumuru butter, it will give you the shower of your dreams.

A Decadent Coconut Aroma For All Your Missed Beach Holidays

Missed a couple of beach holidays due to the pandemic? Here’s a fairly temporary fix. This smooth shower mousse by Dove is enriched with the goodness of coconut oil. Along with the skin-nourishing properties, coconut oil brings with it, a light and airy coconut aroma. Okay, fine. We know nothing can replace a beach holiday, but a shower mousse can try!

For When You’re Missing Your Vacay Mimosas

One of our personal favourites – this Fiama body wash is correctly balanced with the formulation of fragrance, great texture, and a long-lasting dose of freshness. And it is super easy on the pocket! This body wash smells heavenly – and by that, I mean mimosas! There are mimosas in heaven, right? With a mix of neroli flower fragrances, it is a perfect shower gel to end a stressful day on a good note.

Now if you don’t even have the time for a long shower, you could use a quick skincare therapy. Here are our fave facial cleansers that give us a mini relaxing sesh:

Which of these uplifts your spirits after a long day?

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18 Aug 2021

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