10 AMAZING Indian Shampoo Brands For Shiny, Gorgeous Hair!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Sep 6, 2016
10 AMAZING Indian Shampoo Brands For Shiny, Gorgeous Hair!


Having beautiful tresses is not just about genetics but also about the care you give them. Your hair needs to be looked after and nurtured and only then will it shine and look healthy. We all know the basics of keeping it clean- wash it regularly but not every day, condition it, deep condition it, take extra care if you style it often and the oil ki champi can obviously not be overlooked. We all have different personalities, we have varied traits, and dissimilar likes and dislikes, so then why should we all use one kind of shampoo for our hair. Just like your skin, your hair also needs personalized care, nourishment if its dry, smoothness if its rough. Even to maintain its natural volume or curls, it needs that extra lovin’ to pull it through. If all this confuses you a bit too much, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted! Here are the best shampoo brands for all types of hair.

Curly Hair
Straight Hair
Thin Hair
Best Shampoo Brands For Hair Fall
Brands For Different Kinds Of Scalps
For Chemically Treated Hair
Organic Shampoo Brands In India FAQ’s

Best Shampoo Brands For Curly Hair In India


Curly hair girls know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that it’s hard to maintain that mane. Especially with the dryness during the winter, your hair becomes rough and lifeless. Reviving it can be a task and keeping those curls in place can be an even bigger challenge. After all, no one likes frizziness to take over their lives.

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

This is one of the best selling shampoo brands in the country. It is paraben free and sulfate free and hence adds natural shine to your beautiful tresses. Even you ladies who style your hair and colour your hair regularly can use this as it will lock in the moisture. Silky and gorgeous, yes, please! For best results use it with the OGX Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner and hair mask. Price: Rs. 723
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Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Sulfate Free Curl Defining Shampoo

If you’re a hair enthusiast I’m sure you’ve heard about the ace hairstylist, Marc Anthony. This shampoo is enriched with protein and Vitamin E to make sure your tresses retain the moisture and smoothen down. Again a sulphate free formula that creates manageability and adds an extra load of shine. Price: Rs. 1199
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Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

The macadamia oil shampoo basically infuses two oils which are ideal for the curly haired girl- macadamia oil and argan oil. It’s designed to keep the curls and waves looking bouncy and not flat. It gives your hair elasticity and injects moisture and your springy curls will last longer. Price: Rs. 1400
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Best Shampoo Brands For Straight Hair in India


Straight hair may look easy to maintain, but it actually takes a lot of effort to keep that shine locked in. Especially on days when the pollution levels are high, your hair can attract dirt and muck and its natural lustre can be lost. To maintain the moisture and not let dullness and dryness rule your life you have to give it the nourishment it needs.

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium Shampoo

Specially designed for extremely damaged hair, it leaves your gorgeous tresses smoother, shinier and silkier than before. The shampoo is infused with lipids that protect essential nutrients and nourish your hair. It restores the natural beauty in your hair and helps retain it for a longer time. Price: Rs. 635
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Sunsilk Perfect Straight Lock Shampoo

A very affordable shampoo brand for all you ladies on a budget. The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Lock Shampoo straightens out your tresses and keeps ‘em smooth and in place for a longer time. So now you don’t have to wait for a good hair day to do those hair flip boomerangs, cause every day will be one! Price: Rs. 206
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Best Shampoo Brands For Thin Hair In India

The struggle is real when you want to tie up your hair but its so thin that it looks like there are literally two strands in your ponytail. Or when you want to tie a jooda but need the help of a hundred hair extensions to get that amount of volume. Don’t cha worry, we’ve got the solution for you.

BBLUNT Full On Volume Shampoo, For Fine Hair

Does your hair go limp very quickly and doesn’t retain that bounce or volume? Then this BBlunt shampoo is perfect for you. It adds texture to very thin or fine hair, giving it a much fuller look. It comes with a conditioner and a leave-in spray to make sure that the effect lasts longer. Price: Rs. 675
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Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo

One of the most cult shampoo brands in India, Tresemme is loved by so many people. This shampoo regime believes that conditioners make your hair manageable and beautiful but also makes your hair flat. Hence, it encourages you to the first condition and then shampoos your tresses. The full-on volume shampoo infuses bounciness and even moisturises dry and damaged hair. Price: Rs. 460 

Best Shampoo Brands for Hair Fall in India


Hair fall is that one common problem that almost every girl faces at some point. It could be weather-related or caused due to the impure water that you use to wash your hair. I can totally understand how bad you feel every time you look at your hairbrush and see like half of your hair on it. While it might take more than just a good shampoo to tackle hair fall, the right one will certainly make a difference.

Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care

Himalaya is one of the most trusted brands in India for natural skin and hair care. It looks after your tresses and skin with utmost gentleness and this shampoo is no different. Infused with protein, it nourishes dry hair and coats each strand to make it healthier and stronger. Thus, hair fall reduces and the thickness remains. It also cleans hair gently and doesn’t have added chemicals. Those of you who like to wash their hair every day, this is ideal for you. Price: Rs. 360
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Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo

The Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control shampoo is much loved by women across the country. It is made with keratin technology which prevents hair breakage and gives that extra-shine to your mane. It shows instant results and improves the pressing issue of hair fall in just the first few washes. Price: Rs. 395
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Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

Another affordable shampoo brand that gets the job done perfectly it the Dove Hair Fall Rescue shampoo. You’ll be able to see results almost instantly as it repairs hair damage, smoothens and strengthens hair and adds a bounce to your mane! So bye-bye hair fall! Price: Rs. 450
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Best Shampoo Brands for different kinds of scalps


Not just the hair strands, even the scalp has a lot to do with the way your hair looks. From dry scalp to an oily scalp to combination scalp, it’s important to determine the type of scalp you have. Once you know that, you can start using a shampoo that’ll help treat your scalp condition.

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L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo

If you spend half your time trying to tame your frizzy, rough hair and it’s always dry from root to tip, then girl, I feel your struggle. A dry scalp makes your hair brittle and could also cause flakiness and lead to dandruff. This shampoo is going to save you from all these problems and totally repair your hair! Dry hair, rough hair, dull hair, and split ends can all go take a hike ‘coz healthy and repaired hair is the new you! Price: Rs. 55
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Rene Furterer Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – For Oily Flaking Scalp

Give me a hoot if you can relate to the sleek (ahem oily) look that Professor Snape patented! Yeah, you can’t even go a day without washing your hair because your hair and scalp look so greasy! The hair is always sticking together looking like you dipped yourself head first into a bowl of oil. Because your glands are overactive and produce more oil than they need to, more dandruff can form leaving your hair itchy and dirty. Use the Rene Furterer Melaleuca anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of all these problems. It is enriched with curbicia extract which regulates oil production. It’s paraben free and is designed to make its effect last. Price: Rs. 1600

Best Shampoo Brands For Chemically Treated Hair


Chemical treatments make your hair look great but if you don’t use the right after-care products, the hair quality can drastically drop. So to maintain the treatment and your quality, it’s important to look after it with all the effort. Shampooing regularly and using haircare that is specially designed for it is essential.

Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo For Colored Hair

Protect your colour and make it last longer with the Wella Professionals shampoo which is designed with microlight crystal technology that’ll make your hair colour shine brighter. It also has antioxidants in it and makes sure dryness and roughness don’t take over your hair and the smoothness and shine retains itself. Price: Rs. 575
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L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Pro-Keratine Shampoo

This shampoo has been created especially for chemically treated hair. Its keratin properties rebuild the hair fiber and along with amino acids it cleans straightened or chemically treated hair. It doesn’t let your hair become limp and adds that extra bounce as well! Price: Rs. 530
Buy it here

Best Organic Shampoo Brands in India


If you and your hair are used to Nani ke nukse and not the chemically infused hair care that we get in the market these days then these shampoo brands are ideal for you. They use organic products and focus on natural ingredients so that your tresses get the best care they deserve.

WOW Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo Free Paraben Sulphate

The WOW Organics hair range has been raved about by everyone who has tried it. A mix of rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, argan oil and soya protein, it’s all the pampering your hair needs. It strengthens each strand, moisturises and deep conditions, and is suitable for all scalp types. Price: Rs. 499
Buy it here 

Hairmac Sulphate Free Shampoo

If your hair is chemically treated hair and you’d rather use sulphate free shampoos, then here’s a product for you. The Hairmac Sulphate Free Shampoo softens, smoothes and makes your mane more manageable. It is sulfate and paraben free, so hello natural goodness! It’s also suitable for all hair types so girls, get going! Price: Rs. 630
Buy it here

So now that you know what’s the best, why settle for anything less. After all your shiny locks deserve all the love they can get!


Question 1: Are these shampoos suitable for coloured/treated hair? Yes, the shampoos listed under chemically treated hair are composed of luxurious formulas that won’t bleach out your hair colour or highlights.

Question 2: How often should I shampoo? It is recommended to shampoo your hair at least once a week, to help remove residual styling products, normal dead skin cells, etc. Your hair may need frequent washes depending on your weekly activities like swimming, aerobics, gymming or other outdoor activities that leads to sweating. However, you should be cautious not to shampoo your hair too often as this would strip your hair of natural oils which can lead to hair and scalp dryness.

Question 3: How do I determine my own “hair type”? It’s not easy to determine the hair-type on your own, and we suggest you to get initial help from a Professional Stylist. A Professional stylist will carefully examine your individual strand samples, test tensile strength and elasticity and also the texture of your hair.

Question 4: Can shampooing with very hot water damage my hair? Yes, shampooing your hair with hot water can damage your hair. It can physically remove the layer of natural oils deep in the hair shaft and irritate your scalp. Warm water can be used when shampooing, but use slightly cooler water for your final rinse.

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