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Race Against Time: 7 Indian Pharmaceuticals That Are On the Verge Of A COVID-19 Vaccine

Race Against Time: 7 Indian Pharmaceuticals That Are On the Verge Of A COVID-19 Vaccine

Panic gripped the people of our country when the first case of COVID-19 came to India in January 2020. It’s been six months and India is now the third most affected country in the world. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has stopped this virus from spreading and if researchers are to believe, it’s only getting worse from here. Many states in India have, in fact, gone back to being on lockdown ever since the drastic spike in cases courtesy Unlock. To be fair, the testing has also increased in India which is bringing more cases to the front. 

It is known that things will not get better unless there is a vaccine for this virus. People will not be confident to step out unless they know there is a cure for sure. So, when will the vaccine be out?

India is among the few countries who are in the process of developing a vaccine. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in the world, having successfully made vaccines for deadly diseases like polio, meningitis, rotavirus, and measles. There is a fair chance we’d be able to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 too. But how? Who all are working towards this? Here’s all you need to know.

7 Indian Companies Attempting To Make A COVID 19 Vaccine

We have made a list of seven companies that are racing against time to successfully come up with a vaccine for this virus. Read on!

Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech has received permission from the Indian government and WHO to conduct phase I and II trials for their vaccine called Covaxin. It is being developed and manufactured at the company’s facility in Hyderabad.

Serum Institute Of India

The leading vaccine producer of India, Serum Institute, has been working on the COVID-19 vaccine and will be coming up with a successful version by the end of this year, as claimed. Called AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine, it is currently going through phase III clinical trials and will be ready for human trials in August 2020.

Zydus Cadalia

Pharma major Cadalia is looking to complete the clinical trials of their version of the vaccine called ZyCoV-D in the next seven months. The successful launch, however, will depend on the study and the data outcome of the vaccine during the trails. Once the data is encouraging and positive, it would require seven more months for the vaccine to be officially out.

Panacea Biotech

Panacea Biotech has set up a joint venture with a firm in Ireland for the vaccine. They will be manufacturing over 500 million doses of their unnamed vaccine that is set to be out by the beginning of 2021.

Indian Immunological

Indian Immunological has set up a venture with the Griffith University in Australia to come up with a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Mynvax and Biological E

Both of these pharma companies are working on vaccines that are still in pre-clinical trial levels.

We already know that the virus spreads easily and the entire world is still very much vulnerable to it. Developing a vaccine will provide people with some form of security and protection by giving their body immunity to fight this deadly virus. This will further allow lockdown rules and social distancing to be more relaxed and the ‘new normal’ to feel more welcoming. We hope that one of these Pharma companies are successful in providing us with a vaccine super soon to ease the COVID scare.

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19 Jul 2020

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