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Indian Matchmaking Is Back With A New Season & This Time, We Have A Special Request For Sima Aunty

Indian Matchmaking Is Back With A New Season & This Time, We Have A Special Request For Sima Aunty

It appears that the stars have finally aligned for Sima Taparia, as the popular dating show Indian Matchmaking is back with another season. The global hit struck a chord with millions of single folks around the world and everyone was waiting for its return. While Indian Matchmaking was a massive success, the season was full of problematic narratives—immature Indian men, scary MILs, nosy rishta aunties and the idea ‘thoda flexible ho jao’.

NGL, we are surely going to binge watch the show once it drops cause who doesn’t like drama? But there are a few suggestions we have for Sima aunty!

Bye Bye Sexism, Hello Feminism

If you are a fan of Indian Matchmaking, you must remember how women like Aparna were called ‘difficult’ for knowing what they want! Meanwhile, the show packages women as slim, tall, fair, presentable, likeable, flexible two-dimensional characters instead of real human beings. From ageism to colourism, the show’s narrative has been called sexist and rightfully so. Instead of telling women that they are being ‘stubborn’ for not lowering their standards, Sima aunty should embrace the idea of headstrong women who are unapologetic and ‘not flexible’.

More Diversity Please

While the show’s name has the world ‘Indian’ in it, it has been criticised for not representing the full Indian diaspora. Most of the participants on the show were from privileged backgrounds with a massive sense of entitlement (here’s looking at you Akshay and Pradhyuman!). Season 2 can be Sima aunty’s chance at redemption if she just widens her net and shows people from different religious backgrounds, social classes and backgrounds.

Two Words: LGBTQA+ Representation


Now, this can be a total gamechanger for Indian matchmaking! Over the years, more and more Indian folks are feeling comfortable embracing their sexuality and we are living for the progress. Sure, society has a long way to go, but LGBTQA+ representation on a show based on arranged marriages can make a huge difference. 

Can We Leave Problematic Men In The Past?


Our biggest problem with Indian Matching was how Sima aunty turned into an enabler for spoiled Indian men who wanted an ‘adarsh bahu‘ for their mummy instead of a partner. This season can we get sassy comebacks from our favourite matchmaker instead of compliance? On a personal note, I am still not over Akshay’s “If she is busy with her work, who’s gonna take care of the kids and all” comment!

Body Shaming Is A No-No

“You’re never going to find somebody because you have to lose some weight,” “She’s tall, slim, trim, educated, and from a good family. I can give her…95 marks out of 100.” these are just a few of the appalling lines from Indian Matchmaking. We don’t even wish to explain what is wrong with these statements! It is 2022, can we leave body shaming in the past and lock the doors?

We know it is a lot to ask of Sima Aunty, but we are still very hopeful! It is time to bid farewell to vapid, heteronormative, and superficial ideals when it comes to matchmaking. Here’s hoping for a woke season 2!

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11 May 2022

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