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Time Leaps & Naagins: 9 Moments From Indian Soaps When Logic Was Nowhere To Be Found

Time Leaps & Naagins: 9 Moments From Indian Soaps When Logic Was Nowhere To Be Found

A phenomenon began in the 2000s when Tulsi aka Smriti Irani and Parvati aka Sakshi Tanwar ruled the Indian television screens (90s kids feeling like boomers yet?) with Ekta Kapoor’s serials. Yes, way before millennials started binging on the recently popularised K-dramas, our desi homes were obsessed with their own traditional K-dramas (if you know you know)– ones that would make you cringe with OTT sanskari parampara-pratishtha-&-anushasan vibes

Indian daily soaps have entertained the audience for decades now. They have given us romance, thriller, paranormal activities, comedy and almost everything…except logic. If and when you are able to get ahead of the blatant portrayal of sexism in these series, you will try to find logic. And before you start your quest to search for it in these shows, here’s our advice – DON’T! You won’t find any.

Sorry to break it out to you guys, but finding sense in most Indian soaps is like finding a unicorn–a pointless fantasy.

9 Most Illogical Things Ever Shown In Indian Daily Soaps

Now that we have made our views extremely clear, let us tell you why we think it’s true. Here are some of the most illogical (read: agghhh kill me now!!) moments we have ever seen in Hindi soaps.


Plastic Surgeries


We understand that plastic surgeries happen in real life. We are ready to believe that plastic surgery will change your face completely. But can someone please help us understand how plastic surgery can change someone’s height? And basically your entire body composition? So many characters on Indian soaps are first killed in an accident and then resurrected in a completely different avatar, courtesy a plastic surgery. Just take Roli from Sasural Simar Ka for one example!

Leaps & Ages


Whenever a show got bored of throwing people off cliffs, they took a leap of 20 years (just like we wish we could skip 2020 and move forward). But get this…the characters looked EXACTLY the same. Now, we are not being ageist but seriously, people do age in real life. Did the producers never think of this? What is even the point of running a show for ten consecutive years anyway when there’s no plot? 

Ichhadhaari… What Again?


Okay, so some people might argue that even Hollywood has shows about vampires and werewolves and, we agree. Yes, there’s an entire category for supernatural shows featuring shapeshifters, ghosts and a lot more. But that doesn’t mean we suspend all logical thinking to watch them! We don’t get how our ichchadhaari naagins like Mouni Roy or Nia Sharma, who want to avenge their lover’s death, end up falling in love with their enemies every-single-time.  

Also, how does a normal ordinary character like Simar from Sasural Simar Ka turn into a housefly? Yes, a HOUSEFLY! Wasn’t the show about an aspiring dancer and her equation with her in-laws?

The Falling Angel


Blame it on these OTT romantic daily soaps for creating unrealistic expectations in our heads for unnecessary reasons. Why do the female protagonists always keep falling? How do their lovers manage to catch them at the exact right moment every time? Why does it never happen to us in real life? 


What’s the most dramatic thing in life? No, it’s not your love life and not even your newly manicured nail extensions. If you really want to know what drama with a capital D looks like, check out our Indian daily soaps. They ‘cut, zoom, and repeat’ module or as it is commonly known–the ‘kya?! Kya?! Kya?!’ effect–can give headaches to anyone. And seriously what’s the point of such drama when the issue is not even that big?

Laptops Need to Be Cleaned Too


It was our poor Gopi bahu from Saath Nibhana Sathiya who did not know any better before cleaning the laptop with soap and detergent. It marked one of the most illogical moments in Indian daily soap, and the memes made it even more hilarious! 

In Gopi’s defence, it was actually Rani Mukherjee who first tried her hands on cleaning machines with soap and detergent in her movie Bichhoo. Gopi, now you know who to blame!

The Cringey Slap

Slapping someone and getting slapped are among the few things portrayed in daily soaps that are highly problematic. However, this scene beats logic to death and slaps it right on the face. I don’t know about you but this scene still gives me trust issues at times.

The Falling Angel Vol.II

Remember when we talked about actresses falling and their lovers catching them at the right time? Well, you will find those moments believable in comparison to this hilarious scene. So you’re telling me that the woman was falling from the balcony and her lover had enough time to run towards her and from the other end and catch her safely? Sure. 

The Curious Case of A Suitcase

So just to make it clear, this actress, with no prior experience in gymnastics, clashed with a pillar and got herself packed in a small suitcase? I think I just lost my last few brain cells.

Did any of that make sense to you? Well, you can read it again and again but I bet you’ll still be as perplexed as I am. Interestingly, despite making absolutely no sense most of the time, these soaps still remain a highly watched series and garner lots of TRPs. Don’t you think it’s high time our desi television producers upgrade their standards? Or do you actually enjoy watching the senseless drama? Let us know what you think!

Feature Image: Instagram

21 Oct 2020

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