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The Future Of Beauty Is YOUnique: Beauty Brands In India Offering Customisable Products

The Future Of Beauty Is YOUnique: Beauty Brands In India Offering Customisable Products

Roasted garlic bread, extra cheese (toasted), no tomatoes or onions but make it rain with all the sauces; I am very particular when it comes to my Subway order because I know EXACTLY what I want!

Now, imagine the same experience, but with your beauty and wellness products. The concept of custom makeup and skincare is not unheard of but yet to pick up its pace, at least in India. 

If you follow popular YouTube stars such as Safiya Nygaard, Jeffree Star or even small-time YouTubers, you might have seen their *custom makeup* experience on their channels and honestly, it looks mesmerizing AF. From the inception to its execution- I can only imagine how it must feel to hold the baby product you just made!

Watch the experience below:

What *Exactly* Is This Custom Experience?

As the name suggests, you get a one of a kind custom-experience where every product that is made catering to your needs, be it a lipstick, nail polish, a moisturizer or even shampoo!

For example, if it’s a makeup product, say a lipstick or a nail paint, you’ll be shown a plethora of options such as multiple colour options, finishes (glitter, matte?), fragrances and essential oils to choose from. You can also choose your own component, with a unique name. You are also given a card with exact measurements of the products used so that you can get it made again.

But for products such as foundation or a facial moisturizer, you need to be physically present so that your skin type, allergies, skin tone, undertones, etc, can be analyzed by the experts and an in-house dermatologist using advanced technology so that they find you the best fit!


– One of a kind product
– You have a say in everything, from the first ingredient to the last one
– Adorable packaging 
– Makes up for a great gift


– Not many options are available when it comes to the variety, such as nail polishes, blush or other forms of makeup (In India)
– Expensive (but you are paying for the experience, right?)
– Not all brands are available in all parts of the country

Customisable Beauty Experiences In India

So, if you are looking for that one-of-a-kind experience with custom products, theses are the brands that should be on your radar!

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is known for their ayurvedic products that exude luxury with every drop. Their latest addition, customizable creams are bespoke Ayurvedic facial care formulations that address unique skin concerns via an expert combination of natural ingredients that are highly researched, potent, and in their freshest form. These ingredients are hand-blended, to ensure the consistency of the cream is best suited to be optimally absorbed by the skin. Through a carefully curated questionnaire and personalised communication followed by an in-depth analysis of responses by their Ayurvedic Doctors and expert R&D, they formulate the most appropriate cream, with a unique blend of clean ingredients, for an individual skin type, taking into account their skin concerns, personality and lifestyle factors.


For personalized shampoo and conditioner, you should check out Freewill. Tailoring to your hair’s requirements, they make a unique shampoo that your hair will definitely fall in love with. And don’t forget the super cute, pastel packaging!

Emcee Beauty

If you are looking for that ONE lip shade that your fave personality wore but cannot find it anywhere, that’s where Emcee Beauty steps in. Get it custom made!

From the shade selection to its finish, fragrance and the name; everything that you want. And if you’re sad about the fact that your lipstick got discontinued, you know where to find exactly one like it now!

Bare Anatomy

If your everyday hair fall can make a tiny hair coat for a rat, or your mane is drier than a desert, you should definitely check out Bare Anatomy! Known for their super cute packaging and amazing hair products, their customizable hair products boast of using natural ingredients so that you have a great hair day, every day!


If you’re all about smelling great at all times but haven’t found your signature scent yet, perhaps Cizara is what you should check out.

Choose from multiple fragrance notes and make a fragrance that is all about you!


Sensitive skin, who? If you’re looking to find customised skincare products to help your skin radiate from within, you have to get in touch with Skin Kraft. Their dermatologically – approved items are perfect for everyone who has skin woes and is looking for something their skin will actually like.


Globally acknowledged brand, Clinique definitely doesn’t have any Indian roots but you can always walk into one of their stores and get your skin personally tested for a one of a kind moisturizer!



Popular makeup brands such as, Lancôme and Bite Beauty, offer customizable makeup that you will love…but sadly not in India!

So, are you ready to try these unique products especially crafted for you? ❤️

Featured Image: Pexels.com
16 Jun 2020

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