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India Scores Below Average In Global Gender Equality & Why Are We Not Surprised?

India Scores Below Average In Global Gender Equality & Why Are We Not Surprised?

Year 2018 was monumental for our country. Indian women took the power back from men and finally stood up against the system that has been failing us. While women are shattering glass ceilings with their accomplishments, we still have a long way ahead of us when it comes to shattering patriarchy.

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, but it saddens me to say that this study titled, ‘Women, Business And The Law 2019’ shows just how far behind we really are in terms of gender equality. 


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It examines 10 years of data ‘structured around the economic decisions women make as they go through their working lives’. According to a study by the World Bank, only six countries around the world offer men and women equal rights. Yep. Six countries in the whole world. If that’s not shocking, I don’t know what is.

If you’re curious about where you want to pack your bags and fly off to, these countries are a great bet. Sweden, Luxembourg, Latvia, Denmark, Belgium, and France all scored a 100 on the scale and it’s an achievement we want to applaud. 

The report further illustrates that the global average score is 74.71 among 131 economies that were studied. This basically means that an average economy or a country only gives women three-quarters the right of men. 

Another thing that totally did not surprise us was that India’s score was below the average global score. It was 71.25.

The report uses eight parameters for evaluations: ‘Going Places’, ‘Starting a Job’, ‘Getting Paid’, ‘Getting Married’, ‘Having Children’, ‘Running a Business’, ‘Managing Assets’ and ‘Getting a Pension’.

The co-author of the report and a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, Jill Yavorsky, said, “We know that women face a lot of barriers reaching top executive and CEO positions. This study shows that the glass ceiling is more extensive than we previously thought. It extends to nearly all elite positions, even self-employment.”

Reports like these show a mirror to the society and tell us that even though progress has been made, we are a long way from bringing a balance in the society. Women are still fighting day to day battles and fighting hard to reach the same starting point which was served to men on a platter.

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05 Mar 2019

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