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5 Baby Milestones That You Absolutely Cannot Miss To Document

5 Baby Milestones That You Absolutely Cannot Miss To Document

A baby’s first year is the most memorable time for parents, as it is filled with exciting firsts. There are so many special moments in a baby’s first year of life—their first smile, the first time they blabber gibberish, and the first time they recognise you. These memories stay with you forever and you get the chance to share your baby’s precious firsts with your family, and kids when they grow up. 

However, when everything that your baby does for the first time may seem like a milestone, it becomes difficult to decide which ones to record. Also, with all the new responsibilities that parenthood brings, it’s easy to miss out on a crucial baby milestone.

Worry not, we will take you through five of the most important baby milestones that you shouldn’t miss recording.

What Are Baby Milestones

A baby’s milestones are the vital developmental achievements that help determine the healthy and timely growth of your little one. It can be categorised into physical, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones. Most of these significant milestones are attained during the first year of your baby’s life.


Important Baby Milestones to Document

Your little one is growing fast and documenting their milestones will leave you with memories for a lifetime

It may be hard to believe at first, but your baby is going to master new skills every month. All of it happens in a flash that you will find yourself wondering, “Gosh, when did my munchkin learn to sit straight? They needed our support to lift their heads till yesterday?”

Let’s take a look at some of these emotional and precious moments that’ll need you to keep your camera at the ready.

When they Make the Cutest Noises And Laugh for the First Time

By two months, your baby will begin to coo and gurgle. If you have already watched a lot of cute baby videos during pregnancy, you know how adorable these squeals can sound for a first-time parent. Keep your camera or phone ready and record their chuckle and coos. Make sure that you keep interacting with them, and tickle their tummies (at times) to hear their sweetest little chuckles.


The First Time they Roll Over and Sit Up

Just yesterday, you were supporting your baby’s head and now they can roll over and sit up straight on their own. Where did time go? Now you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed to see them grow up so fast, but you must  record when they roll over and sit up for the first time. It is one of the most magical moments when your baby learns to do something on their own.

When they Start Crawling

Once your baby starts to crawl, you are going to get real busy. One moment they will be right in front of your eyes, and next moment *pooff*, you won’t have a clue where they went. Also crawling is their first step towards being independent, so how can you not record this special moment, right? 


Eating Solid Food for the First Time

Recording their reaction to eating solid food for the first time can be hilarious

You probably have laughed out loud watching compilation videos of babies eating solid food for the first time. Their adorable reactions are to die for. So how can you not take a video of your own child tasting solid food for the first time? We are sure their reaction is going to amuse you. Imagine the fun when you show these videos to your grown up child. Just so exciting.

Their Very First Steps

Oh, look how fast your bub is growing. They are already taking their first steps. We know you are going to feel emotional watching them take their first steps, but you will want to remember this moment forever. So make sure you record it because as parents, it’s a proud moment for you.


How To Document Baby Milestones

There are many creative ways to document your baby’s first year

Apart from doing side-by-side comparisons or designing a scrapbook, you can also put your unique spin on documenting your baby’s first year. 

Here are some fun and creatives ideas you can try:

  • Make a Personalised Calendar

Spruce up your work desk with a baby milestones-themed calendar. Attach your baby’s cutest photos and add a little note about the milestones achieved. This will brighten up your day. When things get tough at work, looking at your baby’s sweet smile will give you the instant serotonin boost you need.

  • Create a Memory Box

Create a memory box filled with your baby’s photos and significant items from their first year. Some items may include your baby’s first blankie, their soother, first onesie, and more. You can keep this box safe and show it to your kids when they grow up.

  • Post on Social Media

For parents who are fine with posting about their baby on social media, this could be a great idea. Create a humorous account on Twitter or Instagram and use it to document your child’s first year. 

  • Make a Timelapse Video

Timelapse videos can be such a special way to document your baby’s first year of life. Add highlights or just do a monthly timelapse video to show it to your kids later. We bet, they will love it.

  • Month-wise Photoshoots

This idea can give you a lot of creative freedom and you can put your own unique spin on it. Use different props, fun backdrops, balloons, and stuffed toys, and get as creative as you want with these photoshoots. Sky’s the limit.

We hope that your baby’s firsts are filled with laughter, joy, and fun. Make sure to enjoy all these moments and watch your little one grow up with pride.

22 Mar 2022

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