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Ouch! 3 Painful Consequences Of Poor Period Hygiene Practices & How To Avoid Them

Ouch! 3 Painful Consequences Of Poor Period Hygiene Practices & How To Avoid Them

A hot water bottle for cramps, a dark chocolate for mood swings, a face pack for acne, green tea for bloating. 

We usually have our PMS-combating mechanisms prepared well in advance to fight the afflictions of the monthly curse. However, while prepping for that time of the month, we oft forget the most important aspect of sailing through shark week safely–menstrual hygiene. 

Now, getting out of bed while struggling with tormenting PMS symptoms may seem daunting. But you’ve got to push yourself, clean up well, and maintain proper hygiene down there. Not doing so has serious health implications! According to a study published in the journal PLos One, poor period hygiene is associated with an increased risk of infections and diseases. Here are the deets on the three most dreaded consequences to help you understand the gravity of the situation:

Painful Rashes & Irritation

According to a 2019 study, the genital skin has a decreased skin barrier function due to its biomolecular structure. This means that it’s more sensitive than the skin on the other parts of the body and may react to changes easily. So friction with sanitary pads or direct contact with chemicals used in your sanitary aids can easily irritate your intimate area. It can cause redness, itching, and worse still–painful rashes. 


You can prevent this scenario completely by getting your hands on these three great products from Sirona’s period-care range:

Rash-Free Pads

Made with ultra-thin breathable material, they keep the intimate area fresh, making your period comfier than ever. Unlike the chemical-laden, commonly available sanitary pads, they are made with natural, skin-friendly material that doesn’t irritate the skin. 

Anti-Chafing Rash Cream

You can count on this product for quick damage control in case you get a rash down there. Made with natural ingredients like butterbur and golden root, it calms down irritated skin and soothes inflammation in a jiffy. 

Menstrual Cup 

This funnel-shaped device is inserted into the vagina and collects period blood instead of absorbing it. It makes no contact with the genital skin. As a result, there’s no friction or excess moisture trapped in the intimate area. So no rashes, irritation, or itching–only leak proof protection for eight hours straight.

Skin Infections

Your vagina’s blessed with a self-cleansing function. So, it doesn’t need any help from you in that regard. However, the areas surrounding the vagina–labia, groin, and the pubic mound–can’t cleanse themselves. If you don’t take charge here, the dirt, germ, sweat, and blood buildup can cause bacterial and yeast infections on the skin. According to a study published in the journal BMC Women’s Health, washing the genital area with a mild cleanser once or twice a day is important to maintain proper menstrual hygiene. It can cleanse the skin and keep infections at bay. 


Enter Sirona’s Refreshing Intimate Wash. Packed with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, it purifies the genital skin without disturbing its natural acidic mantle. It’s super-safe, skin-friendly, and doesn’t render the skin dry–thanks to its gentle cleansing action.

Vaginal & Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI)

Bacteria and germs can easily enter the vagina due to poor menstrual hygiene practices. According to a 2019 study, this can lead to bacterial vaginosis (vaginal inflammation caused by bacteria), and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Once inside, these microbes can also attack the reproductive organs and cause infertility. Additionally, if the toxins released by the bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can cause instant death due to the toxic shock syndrome (TSS). 


Although TSS is a rare condition, vaginal infections, UTIs, and RTIs are quite common. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Apart from keeping your intimate area clean and steering clear of douching, using these three products can help you a great deal:

Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash

Using a dirty menstrual cup can introduce bacteria into the vagina. So if you’re a menstrual cup user, don’t forget to wash the device with Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash at least once a day. Made with natural ingredients, it decontaminates the cup, removes germs, and unclogs its suction holes, making it safe and fit for reuse.

Sirona’s Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

This hygiene step can ensure that your cup is absolutely safe to use again. All you gotta do is place the menstrual cup inside this device and wait for three minutes. It kills 99.9% of germs in a jiffy. This must be done at least once or twice during the menstrual cycle and before storing the cup for your next period. 

Sirona’s Anti-Bacterial Period Stain Remover

Period or no period, it is important to wear clean underwear always. So make sure to wash off your stained briefs with Sirona’s Anti-Bacterial Stain Remover before you put them on again. This cleanser’s super-gentle on the fabric but super harsh on the bacteria and germs on its surface. It also helps eliminate odour trapped in the cloth and sanitises it to the T. 

We’re sure that this info has compelled you to take adequate intimate hygiene measures during your period. You know what to do, right? Head over to Sirona’s website and get yourselves some great period-care products on amazing deals. 

Featured Image: Pexels

25 May 2022

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