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5 Problematic Things About Imlie That Make Us Question The Era We’re Living In!

5 Problematic Things About Imlie That Make Us Question The Era We’re Living In!

I was recently discussing with a friend that Biwi No.1 was one of my favourite movies while growing up. Yeah yeah, I know. I cringe every time I think about it as well. I mean, how can I love a movie that glorified the concept of a wife ‘winning’ her husband back from another woman. Oh and also, it’s okay for hubbies to cheat because ya know… ‘men will be men’! Oh god, let us all observe two minutes of silence for the girl I used to be.

And while we’re at it, let’s also pray for all our Indian daily soaps makers. Why? Because while I have definitely grown up with time and can now spot regressive plots easily, they still can’t. How else would we explain shows like Imlie that are problematic AF?

When I first saw it, I was instantly reminded of the song, *cringe alert* Mera Pati Mera Devta Hai. And, guess what? This ridiculous track from the movie, Naseeb Apna Apna, released in 1986. Do you know what year this is? That’s right, it’s 2021. And, we DO NOT need a reminder of those god-awful movies anymore. Intrigued to know what we’re talking about? Read on.

5 WTF Things Shown On Imlie That Make It The Worst Series Ever!

Just so you know, Imlie is one of the most successful Hindi shows in India RN as per the TRPs and TBH, it’s really concerning. Here are all the reasons why you should think twice before calling it a good show:

There’s A Thing Called ‘Divorce’


Do you know there’s a legal procedure to end a marriage? It’s called divorce. Oh, we know about it already? We thought it’s an alien concept because Aditya and Imlie did not think about it even once. Given that they tied the knot forcefully under gunpoints, it would have made sense for them to lawfully end it later. But, then again, if everything started making sense in Indian daily soaps, then what would their plots revolve around? Logic? LOL!

Sky Has A Limit, But Aditya’s Lies Don’t


So, Aditya refused to accept Imlie as his wife and married his long-term girlfriend, Malini. Alright fam, let’s cut him some slack because his first marriage was forced. And, of course, he came clean in front of Malini before getting hitched with her. Right? NO! Turns out, he neither had the guts nor the decency to let the woman, who loved him for years, know the truth. He straight out lied to her and hid things because apparently, anything else would have broken her heart. Aww! How about you don’t hide your cowardice under false pretenses, Aditya?

Also, he treated Imlie terribly before realising he was in love with her and not with his other wife. Agghh! BRB, calming the hell down!

Meet Imlie, The Spineless Doormat


Time for some reality check. Aditya was not the only one lying to Malini. Imlie played along as well. Why? Because she wanted her Babu Sahib to be happy. Ughh! She accepted his ruthless behaviour gracefully, did not reveal the truth, and even asked him to not spill the beans in front of his fam. Wow, what an adarsh biwi NOT! No wonder a man like Aditya fell for her.

Again, is it the 1980s or 2021? Why well-educated and ambitious women like Imlie are still ruining their lives for men? Why did she not take a stand for herself? And, why in the world was she protecting Aditya? Did she think that they could fool Malini forever? RIP sisterhood!

Malini, We Expect More From You


TW: Suicide

NGL, Malini is one of the nicest characters on Indian television. She’s empathetic, understanding, and loyal. In fact, she was the only one to do the right thing after learning about Aditya and Imlie’s entire truth—divorce him. But, not before making some really problematic decisions.

She attempted suicide when she learned that her husband was having an affair. Seriously, can daily soaps do away with the toxic notion that a woman’s life is meaningless without a man?

And again, why is she still hell-bent on saving Aditya’s izzat? Honestly, these two women need to open their eyes and see what a disappointment their husband is.

Dev Chaturvedi, Shame!


OMG, this show loves the concept of cheating husbands because there’s not one, but two of them! Aditya, and his father-in-law, Dev Chaturvedi. Also, he happens to be Imlie’s biological dad. Turns out, he had an affair with her mother and a child before conveniently abandoning her.

But, what’s most surprising is that it’s his wife who’s actually shown as the vamp on the show. She’s constantly demonised for calling out her husband’s shameful act and also for doubting Aditya and Imlie’s relationship from the start. TBH, it’s nothing new. Just a new day and a new misogynist show on Indian television.

Well, if this story spiked your blood pressure with anger, don’t blame us. Blame the Indian daily soap makers who simply do not want to learn from their mistakes. Seriously guys, ab toh sudhar jao!

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22 Jul 2021

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