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The Internet’s “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend Will Make You Look Like A Snow Fairy

The Internet’s “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend Will Make You Look Like A Snow Fairy

Makeup trends based on seasons are our favourite genre of glamm. Thematic makeup just glows different and that’s why this new social media makeup trend is so precious. The “I’m Cold” makeup trend is based on the chilly winter weather and urges you to blush up and glow just like you would look if you were playing in the snow. If you ask us, we think the “I’m Cold” makeup trend has the potential to be a go-to look for everyday wear this season. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

What Is The “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend?

The main focus of this trend is to make the skin look like it’s cold and therefore pink so that you don’t actually have to freeze just to get that natural flush of colour. And the trend also happens to have some twinkling details on the eyes as well. Using cool-toned silver glitter on your lids or only at the inner corners of your eyes makes this look pop. Liberal use of blush in a W placement and some of it even around your lips 

How To Create The “I’m Cold” Makeup Look?

Step 1: Cold Skin Is Matte

The first rule to recreating this makeup aesthetic is matte skin. In cold weather, your skin tends to get dry therefore the matte finish is ideal. But we want a smooth matte finish and not cracking makeup so for that you need to follow a CTM routine and wait for the skincare to be completely absorbed by the skin. Now, you can use a pore-blurring primer followed by blending a matte foundation on your face and neck. 

Step 2: Blush Is Your Bestie

When it’s super cold, your skin can get pink and that’s why blush is used heavily in this makeup look. Opt for a cream blush or a serum blush. Blend the blush on your cheeks and nose. Extend the blush to your temples and chin as well with a light hand.

Step 3: Twinkle Like A Snowflake

Add twinkly eye glitter to your lids to look like a pretty snow fairy. We recommend using a glitter liquid eyeshadow in a silver shade to capture the right effect. Blend this on your lids and wear mascara. For a more dramatic look, apply this glitter only on the inner corners of your upper and lower lash lines and then apply mascara. You can also experiment with rhinestones for an added glamm.

Step 4: Gloss Those Lips

Wearing lip gloss in the cold is a given. So make your lips look glazed yet still kinda frosty with the following products. First, blend a cherry lip tint on your lips and allow it to smudge outside of your lip line as well. Dab off the excess product and then swipe on a shimmer-infused lip gloss.

There you have it! The “I’m Cold” makeup trend is perf for the upcoming holiday season. So, get to acing this look right away!

Featured Image: Instagram

25 Nov 2022

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