When Ranbir Kapoor Makes His Instagram Debut, Here’s What We Wanna See On His Feed!

ShivaniShivani  |  Sep 28, 2021
When Ranbir Kapoor Makes His Instagram Debut, Here’s What We Wanna See On His Feed!


There is nothing better than stalking your favourite celeb on social media, especially on Instagram. In many ways, Instagram has opened a window into the tinsel town and we love getting a peek into the lives of our fave A-listers. However, despite the allure of the virtual world, a few Bollywood stars have managed to stay off it. One of them is birthday boy Ranbir Kapoor.

The Rockstar actor has maintained a distance from the glittery world of filters, reels, posts and more. While there appears no sign that he will be making his debut on the platform anytime soon, it is certainly fun to picture him making his way to Instagram.

In the spirit of wishfulness, here’s what we would love to see on Ranbir Kapoor’s Instagram account someday!

PDA Moments With Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt

Credit: Instagram

Ranbir Kapoor’s ladylove Alia Bhatt is quite a popular face on social media. While she does treat her followers to subtle moments of social media PDA, it will be quite exciting to see the charm Ranbir Kapoor brings to the table. From their cute travel moments to snaps with each other’s families, the Sanju star will certainly have a lot to post

Throwback Gems

The superstar belongs to one of the most celebrated families in the entertainment industry. This means that he would have some truly special throwback gems to posts. Let’s face it, Ranbir will be the king of #ThrowbackThrusday and #FlashbackFriday. 

Follow List

Instagram is not just about what you post but about whom you follow. Ranbir Kapoor has been linked with many stunning leading ladies in the tinsel town, so everyone would be curious if he will follow his exes on social media. While Deepika Padukone and Ranbir have a good camaraderie on-screen and off it, will that translate to Instagram follows for the two? 

Fashion Moments

Credit: Instagram

While Ranbir Kapoor is not the most experimental star in the industry when it comes to fashion, he does have a suave and sophisticated vibe. It will be exciting to see what fashion moments make to his grid on social media.

Q&A sessions

Every now and then, B-towners treat their fans to a Question and Answer session on social media and reveal details about their lives. Usually, Ranbir is quite guarded about his personal life, so won’t it be a treat to know more about him!

Happy birthday Ranbir! We hope you’re taking notes *wink*