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#LustList: Classic Fragrances EVERY Perfume Lover Needs To Get!

#LustList: Classic Fragrances EVERY Perfume Lover Needs To Get!

This story was updated February 2019.

Whether you’re looking for a signature scent or some go-tos, finding the perfect fragrance is not easy. The right fragrance can add to your personality and that’s why you should go for something that’s a classic and still relevant. These iconic perfumes for women are timeless and there’s one for everybody. Indulge yourself in these luxurious scents and find the perfect one for you.

Absolute Best: Our List of Iconic Perfumes 

This one is for all of you who cannot go without a little self-love! So pick your favourite from our list of absolute best perfumes for women!

1. Chanel N°5 By Chanel

Chanel-N%C2%B05 by-Chanel-iconic-perfumes


Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, launched Chanel N°5 in 1921. It’s the first fragrance ever launched by the brand and the most famous. It has the base notes of flowers like Neroli, ylang-ylang and bergamot mixed sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli. This fragrance is for the modern woman and is the most treasured name in perfumes.

Price: Rs 6,734 approx for 50ml

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2. L’Eau D’Issey Pure Eau de Parfum By Issey Miyake



Reminisce the aroma of cool and clear waters of the ocean with this perfume. It’s a beautiful combination of floral and fresh scents like orange blossom mixed with woody notes of sandalwood and amber. This rich fragrance is feminine and an ode to purity.

Price: Rs 6,671 approx for 90ml

3. Poison Eau De Toilette By Christian Dior


For the woman who loves some mystery, this EDT by Dior is what you need. Assert your femininity and confidence with this seductive fragrance which is a rich blend of spicy, fruit and musky notes. This one is a must-have for anyone who wishes to collect iconic perfumes!


Price: Rs 6,525 approx for 50ml

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4. Youth-Dew Eau de Parfum By Estee Lauder


The world of fragrance was changed forever when in 1953 Estee Lauder introduced the Youth-Dew bath oil. It was manufactured so that women could afford scents on their own. It’s a beautiful blend of floral and spicy notes from rose, lavender, jasmine and moss. This seductive fragrance will become your favourite, for sure.


Price: Rs 2,953 approx for 67 ml

5. 212 Eau De Toilette By Carolina Herrera

5 perfumes for women - Carolina Herrera 212 Eau De Toilette

It all began in the city of New York in 1997 when Caroline Herrera created this EDT for the modern and independent woman. The gorgeous combination of floral and citrus notes is a symbol of curiosity and energy, like that of a woman living in the city.

Price: Rs 5,978 approx for 100ml


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6. Ultraviolet By Paco Rabanne


Feel refreshed with the subtle floral scents of violet, rose and jasmine. Created in 1999, this scent will envelope you in the warmth of the sun and make you smell like a dream. Sensual notes of the woods will add that seductive touch to your personality, thus making it a must-have in our list of iconic perfumes for women.

Price: Rs 4,083 approx for 50ml


7. Coco Mademoiselle By Chanel


Feel sexy and refreshed with this gorgeous scent that celebrates the youth of a woman. Spritz some of it on your pulse points before stepping out and smell heavenly. With the notes of jasmine, vanilla, rose and bergamot, this is the perfect fragrance to carry while you travel.

Price: Rs 7,881 approx for 35ml

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8. Shalimar Eau De Parfum By Guerlain


This fragrance is a celebration of love that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan had for Mumtaz Mahal. Touched by the story, Guerlain created this scent in 1925 that will last for a long time. This combination of citrusy and floral notes will wrap you in a divine scent. What a perfect gift to receive from your someone special, isn’t it?

Price: Rs 5,030 approx for 50ml

9. Angel Eau De Parfum By Thierry Mugler



This fragrance is a unique blend of sweet spicy as it has the notes of caramel, honey and vanilla mixed with the strong scents of sandalwood and nutmeg. Indulge yourself in this sweet and luxurious scent of the most iconic perfumes ever that has been a favourite for ages.

Price: Rs 5,978 approx for 25ml

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10. Black Orchid Eau De Parfum By Tom Ford



This scent is for the women of the 21st century, who’s confident and ready to take risks. It has the notes of black truffle, bergamot, black orchid, black plum, and patchouli – luxury at its best. This timeless scent adds style to your personality.

Price: Rs 8,639 approx for 50ml

11. Chloe Fleur De Parfum


Chloe fragrances are known for their staggeringly feminine yet effortless fragrances. Chloe launched their first fragrance some 11 years ago, and the past decade has seen a series of beautiful renditions. Chloe defines its Fleur de Parfum as a generous bouquet of fragrances that is composed from the most quintessential and tender parts of the flowers, that is, their hearts. This gives Fleur de Parfum its rich fruity tones that it is distinctively known for.


Price: Rs 6,306 approx for 50ml

12. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT


Narciso Rodriguez is a designer who has always adored women, and this adoration has led him to create fragrances that flatter a woman’s senses. This bottled passion was first revealed in 2003, and 16 years later, Rodriguez EDT is still one of the sexiest fragrances that has been launched in the luxury perfume segment. Imparting a subtle sensuality with a controlled opulence, this bewitching number is seductive without being heady.

Price: Rs 6,659 approx for 100ml


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13. Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum


This one is quintessentially English Stella Mc Cartney scent that pays a homage to the English rose. Its unique blend of white peony and fresh mandarin gives off a sensual, feminine fragrance that dries down into a subtle, amber base. The perfect amalgamation of modern floral with sexy, bold accents, this is one iconic perfume that would be a perfect addition to your collection.

Price: Rs 5,322 approx for 50ml


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14. L’Artisan Parfumeur Arcana Rosa


Arcana Rose is famous for its surprisingly full-blooming rose based scent. While most rose fragrances are subtle and supremely feminine, this one is pleasantly strong. A blend of wild herbs, flowers, atlas cedar, Bulgarian rose, juniper, sandalwood, and ventiver, this is one slightly floral perfume that never fails to please the senses.

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Price: Rs 6,707 approx for 100ml

15. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Toilette


The One sparkles with a floral, oriental scent that never fails to impress the senses. Infused with mandarin, lychee, white peach, and zesty Italian bergamot essences, The One gives off a whiff of timeless femininity. In addition to this, jasmine, lily of the valley, and orange blossom also dry into the richness of musk, warm vanilla, and vetiver which gives it a strong, luxurious scent!

Price: Rs 7,823 approx for 50ml


Be it a gift for a special someone or a keepsake for your own collection, these timeless fragrances are absolutely perfect!

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