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15 Iconic Outfits From Sex And The City That We’ll Never Get Bored Of!

15 Iconic Outfits From Sex And The City That We’ll Never Get Bored Of!

If you’re like me and find yourself watching episodes of Sex and the City over and over again, you know that everything about this show was truly iconic. Watching Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda walking down the road and singing ‘I am woman’ in shimmery dresses didn’t just speak of their friendship and confidence, but also their love for fashion. While Sarah Jessica Parker got the most credit, believe me, nobody created trends in the 90s like these four women! Remember the oversized flower pins, Fendi baguette bags, button-down shirts as dresses, exposed bras, the power belts and cold-shoulder dresses? And don’t even get me started on Carrie’s shoe collection. I can go on and on about that for days! 

The show broke the so-called “rules” of fashion by embracing a mix of high and low fashion. The storyline may have been about work, friendship, dating and relationships shaping the life in New York City, but it’s brilliant how costume designer Patricia Field used the characters’ clothing to communicate their personalities and style.    

These Outfits From SATC Will Never Stop Being A Rage

The show gave fashion-forward women something to aspire to, and many of those looks are legendary enough to still be a part of the zeitgeist. As a tribute to the industry that brings forth a new drama every season, it’s remarkable how SATC’s fashion choices are still relevant. Here are some of our favourite looks from the series that can give any fashionista run for her money, even in 2019. 

Look 1


While it’s not easy to narrow down a list from all the gorgeous outfits these women donned on the show–I had to start with their LBDs. You may wish to change up their hairstyles to fade out the 90s vibes, but the dresses remain as they are. 

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Look 2


Do you see Carrie’s heels here? Yeah, same-same but different! The trend was a rage last year. You could see many bloggers pulling off heels of different patterns and colours. The trend still stays put and clearly, a white floral dress will never go out of fashion. 

Look 3


I can effortlessly see this asymmetric lapel style on a pinstripe suit being my favourite work outfit. Can’t you? In a power outfit like this one, Carrie could call the shots at a leading fashion magazine even while being drunk. 

Look 4


Every single outfit Carrie wore while she was in Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky was a vision. But this costume-y striped beauty is deeply Parisian. There’s something extravagant yet wearable about this look that cannot be overlooked.

Look 5


Miranda’s comfortable sheath dress with a belt and captivating sleeve detail is never getting old. After seeing Miranda pull off business suits, this cold-shoulder mustard dress that allows satin to fall naturally was a breath of fresh air. 

Look 6


There’s not a single outfit in this frame that one can’t wear to brunch–a white A-line dress, a pastel pink pinstripe shirt paired with a white suit and black tie (perfect office look), a metallic wrap dress with a power belt and may the fashion gods bless the bold ones who can pull off the all-red look. Samantha’s signature look was usually pairing long blouses with well-fitted skirts in solid colours and power belts and boy, it’s a style to remember!

Look 7


I didn’t realise a white hat could complement both my pantsuit and dress until Miranda wore it with her all-white suit. And it’s inspiring how Carrie made her simple black Dior tee look like she’s walking the ramp. All thanks to her Lavender can-can skirt!

Look 8


In case you were wondering who made the off-shoulder look popular, now you know! 

Look 9


A few months prior to when Shah Rukh Khan in Mohabbatein was bringing back an old fashion trend in India–men wearing a sweater as a scarf, Charlotte was making the same trend work for girls in the third season on Sex in the City and undoubtedly, I’d still wear it when it’s too hot for sweaters but too cold for slip dresses.  

Look 10


Would you walk your dog wearing this all-pinstripe look?! For me, this makes a perfect fun workday outfit. And trust me, it’s a talent to match your stripes perfectly.

Look 11


It was a day when Carrie decided to wear Prada to her birthday dinner, but nobody was around to see. Well, Carrie’s friends may have ditched her but her style certainly didn’t! 

Look 12


Christian Dior’s newspaper print dress was a rage then, and it’s a rage now. Period. The simple yet stylish silhouette of the dress allows it to never go out of style. 

Look 13


Playing up to this ‘career woman look’ from the 70s isn’t a big deal for Miranda and Carrie, but their symmetric exaggerated collars are way too compelling for a regular pantsuit and dress. Isn’t the shade of Miranda’s pantsuit enchanting? What do you feel about Carrie’s DVF wrap dress? Because I’d happily to wear it to the next event I attend. 

Look 14


Samantha, girl, only you can wear a golden-coloured shimmer skirt in the daytime and make it look hot. And I don’t think I can ever get over the number of outfits Samantha rocked with the help of a basic power belt. 

Look 15


If you wanna learn how to pull off deep, plunging necklines with elegance in any possible situation, Samantha is your girl. You give her a party dress or a business suit, she’ll know what to do with it. 

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01 Aug 2019

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