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Hydrating Cleansers Saved My Combination Skin & Here’s Why You Should Make The Switch Too

Hydrating Cleansers Saved My Combination Skin & Here’s Why You Should Make The Switch Too

My skincare journey was difficult at the start, but it has developed over the years and I finally have control over my acne-prone skin. I am someone who has always had breakouts whether or not my skin routine was on point. Reason being: my acne prone skin is actually a combination skin type that has super oily and dry areas as well. It was tricky to begin with and that’s why in the initial years, pimples were always in the multitudes and often extremely painful. I first thought that the reason my acne is so bad is because of the oiliness and I therefore resorted to oil-absorbing face washes that would leave my skin matte and oil-free. But, what I didn’t realise, is that these very oil banishing washes stripped my skin of moisture and that led to even more sebum production and pimples. 

I know it sounds crazy but here me out. Disrupting your pH balance with excessively drying face washes can do more harm than good for oily, acne-prone skin. And since my skin has dry areas too, they would also experience breakouts because of the major lack of moisture. Your skin’s natural oils are meant to keep your skin naturally conditioned and healthy, so getting rid of the oil completely isn’t a good idea. I eventually realised my mistake after I tried a hydrating face wash for a week and wondered why I never just thought of this before.

What Exactly Is My Skin Type?

acne prone skin

Acne-prone with both dry and oily sections, my skin belongs to the combination skin type category. This skin type is prone to acne because it has both oily and dry skin areas that need special care all year round. When the seasons change so does my skin’s needs and it is already quite tricky to find products that care for both the oily and dry skin. In the summers, my skin feels more oily and in the winters it feels dry. But, I experience acne in the hot months and cold months as well.

Why Hydrating Cleansers Over Anything Else?


As much as you’d like to believe it, you cannot have two separate kinds of products to treat oily skin and dry skin that is also prone to acne. So, the best way to find a balance was to look for formulas that keep skin hydrated and not excessively moisturised or mattified. Hydrating products are lightweight, nourishing, and soothing. And. that’s exactly what you need to clear up acne. Since cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine, especially if you have acne, I chose to incorporate a hydrating cleanser as opposed to my regular oil-absorbing one – and it works like magic! Acne-causing bacteria needs to be cleared up but your skin’s natural moisture needs to be intact. That’s why hydrating cleansers work best – because they remove impurities and keep skin hydrated without any oiliness. The formulas of hydrating cleansers also help soothe acne so my skin doesn’t feel irritated but rather soft and refreshed after every wash.

The Best Hydrating Face Cleansers I Swear By

If you’re keen to put this claim to the test, consider these hydrating face cleansers. They literally saved my skin and continue to keep my skin clear and smooth all year round.

Tulsi Treat

This gel cleanser infused with tulsi and aloe vera is one of the best hydrating cleansers yet. It luxuriously cleans your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and soothed.

Active Care

Rich in Vitamin B, this spinach and niacinamide infused face wash works up a good lather that clarifies skin and keeps it soft and oil-free without stripping out excess moisture.

Dirt Magnet

This charcoal face wash is great to draw out pollution and dirt from your skin and it is also super gentle. It contains tea tree oil, green tea extract, and mulberry, all of which help in soothing acne and preventing it from occurring.

Silky Foam

Enriched with Vitamin C, this is the best foam cleansers you will try this season. The foam is super fluffy and hydrating. After washing your skin with this, the skin looks plump and appears more radiant. It makes your skin feel refreshed and balances your skin with its nutrients.

Are you convinced to try out a hydrating cleanser? Take it for a spin and see the results.

Featured Images: Pexels

02 Jun 2022

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