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Dripping In Dewiness: Here’s How You Can Tackle Dry Skin Problems In Winters

Dripping In Dewiness: Here’s How You Can Tackle Dry Skin Problems In Winters




Guys, we can’t keep calm cause winter is officially here. Yup, boots, fur, and dark lipsticks are in vogue again and it’s chilly and magical all at once. However, one thing that I do not like very much about winters is how dry my skin gets. And if you’re mad about mattes too, then you know how difficult an all-matte makeup look can be during this season. But don’t worry about a thing cause we’re telling you how you can flaunt a full face of makeup without worrying about your dry patches showing up.

Hydrating Beauty Products


With winter comes beauty woes such as flaky or dry skin and scalp that nobody asked for. And doing makeup on dry skin always *highlights* the dry patches, right? But not anymore!

Instead of skipping out on a few makeup products, replace them with hydrating options and we bet it’s only going to be smooth sailing from thereon.

Hydrating Primer


Not to prime is a crime especially if you have dry skin. A good primer will not only make your foundation stay on for longer but will also hydrate your skin. It’ll also soften the dry patches on your face, providing you with a smoother base.

So, after you moisturize your face, cover your entire face with a hydrating primer and you’ll realise what a gamechanger it can be!

Facial Mists


Facial mists are so good! Just one spritz and you feel refreshed, instantly. If your skin is dryer than my love life, then using a facial mist throughout the day is what you should do and we bet that your skin is going to thank you, always.

Use A Hydrating Base

There are a plethora of foundations available in the market that are specially formulated for dry skin and do not sit on the dry patches, but instead, make it look all dewy and fresh. Look for hydrating ingredients such as argan oil that penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and provide all-day hydration!

Lip Balm


Colder the weather, drier the lips; nothing spoils a good pout that flaky lips, right? But thankfully, we always have a good ol’ lip balm to put a stop to cracked and parched lips. Make sure you swipe your fave lip balm multiple times on your lips if you want your lipstick to go on beautifully.



Choose a lipstick that’s enriched with hydrating properties as you wouldn’t wanna be uncomfortable throughout the day. Instead of opting for a matte liquid lipstick, choose a moisturising one or a satin matte one because thand abhi baaki hai mere dost!

PS: Ready to slay this winter?

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25 Nov 2020

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