Love Wins! These Stunning Pictures From Same-Sex Couple’s Dreamy Wedding Are Giving Us All The Feels

ShivaniShivani  |  Dec 20, 2021
Love Wins! These Stunning Pictures From Same-Sex Couple’s Dreamy Wedding Are Giving Us All The Feels


Since this year’s shaadi season hit us like a tidal wave, we have been flooded with loved-up wedding photos on the ‘Gram. NGL, there is nothing we love more than wedding pictures! Now, let’s talk about one couple who is winning the internet today with their wedding pictures— Supriyo Chakraborty and Abhay Dang. 

The same-sex couple recently got hitched in Hyderabad on Sunday and their wedding pictures are making us swoon. The two celebrated their union with close to 60 family members and close friends.

Supriyo and Abhay’s pre-wedding festivities took place in Hyderabad and their dreamy pictures have left us feeling single AF. NGL, we can’t get enough of #subhay!

Meet The Mr & Mr!

We are not crying, you are! Honestly, all we can say ATM is ‘touchwood’.

Supriyo shared an adorable reel from pre-wedding festivities on the ‘Gram and penned, “Acceptance , Love …..yes My Family, known as traditional, religious and conservative. But never fails to surprise us. Amanda Nadu, “Ananda” means “joy”. Usually, Ananda nadu is prepared at home and distributed among the friends and relatives in few specific joyful occasions like wedding”

In an interview, Supriyo spoke about their wedding festivities and said, “It was a two-day (December 17 and 18) event. It was an event where all our close friends and families were there. We started with Mehndi and Sangeet. I and Abhay are from different states. He (Abhay) is Punjabi and I am Bengali. We tried to put in all the essence possible…including the dresses we were wearing.”

He added, “Ever since we declared our union, we have received mixed reactions from people. At large, people have been very supportive of our relationship and this ceremony was just a celebration of the same.”

It is so heartwarming to see how love wins in the end! Supriyo and Abhay’s wedding pictures are proof that in the end, it is all about finding happiness and acceptance in life. 

We wish Supriyo and Abhay a life full of happiness. BRB, scrolling through their Instagram feeds for some #lovespiration. 

Feature Image Credit: Instagram