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PSA: Humidifiers Are The Answer To Your Dry And Flaky Skin

PSA: Humidifiers Are The Answer To Your Dry And Flaky Skin

IDK about you but how much ever moisturiser I apply, it doesn’t seem to be enough ‘coz my skin feels cracked, chapped and parched. And it’s not just the dry spots that bother me, it even gets inflamed, red, and itchy. 

If you could relate hard to all of this, I’m going to suggest a product for you that can actually change it all around: a humidifier. While this definitely cannot replace your skincare routine, a humidifier can help curb dryness and irritation to a great extent. Here’s how:

What Do Humidifiers Really Do?

A humidifier helps control the indoor air, which in turn can have a beneficial effect on the skin. Humidifiers help restore indoor humidity by adding moisture to the air, which keeps your skin nourished and look radiant every time.

Do Humidifiers Really Work For The Skin?

Humidifiers For The Skin


When you alternate between a dry hot environment from heated indoor spaces to a dry environment outside, the air can strip your skin of natural oils. When the natural hydration and pH level of the skin is disturbed, things start to go south. 

Low humidity also degrades the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which leads to flaking, cracking, and peeling. So, if you want the outermost barrier layer to keep doing its job, keeping it hydrated is a must. 

Another thing to note is that when the exposure to a dry environment is prolonged, your skin starts overcompensating by producing more oil than required and your sebum glands go into overdrive. This makes your skin both oily and parched all at once. A hydrated environment allows for toxins to be flushed out easily and the smooth movement of the fluid through the capillaries in the skin. It even helps in maintaining the natural oils of the skin to promote healthy cell rejuvenation and eliminate waste. 

This is where humidifiers come into play. So, if you’re at home, then order one now, switch it on and get your room’s humidity level to an optimal 40-60% and then dry skin, what’s that!?

Which Humidifier Should You Buy?

This is a really tiny humidifier that is perfect for your WFH desk or keep it at your bedside table. It even comes with a special night mode that will help you wake up with hydrated and radiant skin.

If you’re looking to invest more in this device, then this one by Philips is great for the whole room. It works well for a bedroom, keeping the air moist. It sucks in the dry air and equally distributes water molecules everywhere so that your skin is nicely moisturised.

This option is portable so you can carry it to your office or for a trip. You can even put in a few drops of essential oils into the humidifier to make your room more relaxing and spa-like.  

Apart from buying this awesome product, one thing that you have to continue doing for your skin is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.  

Who’s scared of dry and flaky skin now?

Featured Image: Pexels


11 Nov 2020

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