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If Hrithik Roshan Was The Father Of My Kids, Life Would Be Like A Bollywood Movie

If Hrithik Roshan Was The Father Of My Kids, Life Would Be Like A Bollywood Movie

The ultimate greek god in the Indian film industry, when Hrithik stepped foot into the industry he was, hands down, the most good looking man to have blessed our silver screens; exactly what Bollywood needed. So, where did the concept of Hrithik being the father of my kids pop up from? Well, the fact that he spends a lot of quality time with his children, is drop dead gorgeous and has such an amazing rapport with his ex-wife. Because let’s be honest, he had my heart from the first time he said ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ and I screamed YES! Everything since then has just been a downward spiral of falling deeper and deeper into his hazel green eyes. I mean, could you resist how cute he is when he’s gushing over his children? 


Also, he loves food, I love food, it’s a match made in heaven! We’d spend hours cooking and baking and eating, you get the gist. But the fact that he’s a fitness enthusiast means he’d never let either of us get out of shape, so truly a win-win situation.

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He’d love to take the boys out, giving me some alone time with myself. Who said you can’t have everything? From his dashing good looks to the genes that keep him funny, the kids will be blessed and invariably, so will I. 


But, if things don’t go down the road we expected and we do part ways, I can always be sure to love him the same. Don’t believe me? Check out Sussanne Khan’s latest Instagram post for Hrithik’s birthday! Who could say they were once married? While the rest of us can’t even seem to hold a cordial relationship with an ex-boyfriend, these two are handling it like mature adults who will always cherish each other and that deserves due appreciation. 

Keep it sexy and Happy Birthday, Hrithik! 

Featured Image – Hindustan Times

Gifs – Giphy

10 Jan 2018

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