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How To Wear A Saree? Perfect the #DesiGirlStyle

Now, who doesn’t want to add a dash of desi drama to her style game with a sexy saree? The only hurdle in the path of that dream, of course, is managing that saree! After all, it’s just not as fuss-free and easy-peasy as slipping on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, is it? But fear not. With these super-handy tricks, you can put all your worries to rest – we tell you how to wear a saree just right so you never have to stress over tripping over your pleats or pallu ever again!

How to Wear A Saree Perfectly

1. Trust in the power of the pin

Yes, we’d all love to have that totally filmy chiffon pallu flying in the breeze thing happening – but trust us, there is NO shame in pinning the inner border discreetly at your shoulder. (Use a tiny pin, please, not a giant one.) You do not want to accidentally drop your pallu and give everyone around an intimate view of your, er, cleavage area. And neither do you want to step on that trailing material – or worse, have someone else step on it and bring you down!



2. Avoid brushing the floor with your hem

Girl, it’s your saree, not a broom. Even if you like the sweeping-the-floor look (it looks great in photos, we know!), avoid it – otherwise the only way to walk without tripping would be to take tiny mincing steps so that your feet don’t get tangled in cloth (and spending 30 minutes to cross to the other side of the room). The hem of your saree touching the floor is fine, no need to give it a thorough cleaning with extra inches of cloth.


3. Tie it where it’s right

You need to drape your saree exactly at the right height for you. Which means tying it at various levels of your midsection to figure it out. No matter how much you love the low-waist look, don’t go too low if you have narrow hips, for instance – your petticoat and saree, over the hours, will inch downwards. The broader-hipped ladies are luckier, in this instance – it just can’t slip below the hip bone unless someone’s actually yanking at it!



4. Pick the right shoes!

Now, you have gorgeous heels that you want to pair with your saree – we’re right there with you. Provided they are heels you’re actually comfortable in. Adding the discomfort of negotiating the world in sky-high stilettos while you’re already focusing on not stepping on your pleats is just a bad life decision. Pick mid-height heels – kitten heels are great! And if you want to go higher, try block heels. And never tie your saree without putting on your footwear if you want to get the right length – if you try estimating the height of your heels, you’ll either end up with the “sweeping” problem or risk looking like you’re wearing a capri-length saree.

5. Choose your fabric wisely

A sexy satin saree? Oh yeah! Slippery satin escaping your petticoat at the slightest movement? Oh no! If you want some shine, go for silk. It shimmers, and yet stays in place – win-win! And invest in lightweight materials like chiffon or georgette – since they aren’t heavy, they don’t weigh you down, or risk pulling your petticoat down either. We’d suggest avoiding sarees with heavy embellishments too, for the same reason, if you’re going to be wearing your saree for long hours.


6. Petticoat it right

You might think this isn’t important (because no one can really see it, after all) – you would be wrong. A petticoat that is tailored (or altered) to your shape and height is absolutely crucial for a comfortable saree experience. You don’t want a generic “free size” type and risk it being either too voluminous or too tight. Speaking from experience, you will want to cry every time you walk because either there’s too much cloth that’s constantly getting stuck between your legs or you can’t take a step that’s longer than 3 inches. And neither do you want your petticoat being too short or too long and risk messing with the overall length of your saree. Talk to a specialist tailor – there are plenty of options available to you now. Stretchable ones, zip ones, fish-tail ones – go with what works for you the best.

7. Keep an eye on your pallu

Try, try, try till you get the length just right. Too short (above your butt), and it looks frumpy; too long, and you will almost invariably trip over the outer corner. The front pallu, and other variations, is a good way to avoid problems in this regard.


8. Pleat carefully!

Make your pleats wider (and fewer) to use up all the material. The narrower your pleats are, the more of them you’ll have – and the greater number of folds of cloth near your feet that you have to worry about. And if you’re a slim or petite girl, one great trick is to visit a tailor and have some of the material from the inner end of the saree cut off altogether – you simply have less cloth to deal with that way.

9. Do NOT skip the “fall”

Yes, it might be a pain to visit your tailor and make time for that extra step, but it’s absolutely essential. It’s how you ensure that your saree falls right and doesn’t get rucked up around your ankles, especially if it doesn’t have a heavy border. And it makes the bottom of the pleats less slippery-and-flyaway, so you don’t have to worry too much.

10. It’s okay to cheat a little!

If you’re not wearing sarees too often, and save them up for special occasions only, consider getting them stitched! A good tailor will be able to stitch it for you so well that it’s as snug and safe as a long bodycon dress. No risk of mishaps at all!


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It becomes pertinent to know how to wear a saree is important information once you enter womanhood. And with the wedding season always around the corner, draping a saree is precious knowledge. Don’t fret over it, just follow these tips and draping that 9-yard shall be a breeze.

06 May 2016

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