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The *Right* Way To Wash Your Hair – 7 Essential Tips!

The *Right* Way To Wash Your Hair – 7 Essential Tips!

Is rough, dry, dull or lifeless hair the bane of your life? Sometimes, it’s not your hair products to be blamed but the way you wash your hair. We know you’ve been doing it your whole life but your technique of hair cleansing could require a few healthy tweaks. If done wrong, it could lead to hair fall and split ends. Here are 7 easy-peasy ways on how to wash your hair the right way! (You’re welcome!)


1. Get Rinsin’!

Remember girls, before you apply shampoo, your hair should be wet! Rinse your hair with lukewarm water for a good few minutes as it will open up the cuticles to help cleanse the dirt, grime and oil trapped in it. While rinsing, you must massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow.

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2. Conditioner Comes First…

2 how to wash your hair Applying a little amount of conditioner to your hair before using a shampoo is a great way to keep your ends healthy and hair bouncy and glossy. It also moisturizes and brings dull and damaged hair back to life. A coin-sized amount should be good enough. This can be especially helpful for long hair and will help prevent any dryness caused by shampoo. Also read 10 AMAZING Indian Shampoo Brands For Shiny, Gorgeous Hair!

3. It’s The Time To Shampoo!

Since hair that’s closest to the scalp is oilier and the ends are the driest, it’s much better to start lathering up from the roots and avoid applying shampoo towards the ends. You only need to lather up at the scalp (especially at the nape) and not down the length of your strands. Make sure you’re using the right amount of shampoo for your hair, you’ll need a bit more if your hair is thick. Too much shampoo can lead to dryness. And it’s safer to go sulfate-free with your shampoo as it increases moisture retention and doesn’t strip the natural oil out from your hair. You can check out Shampoo brands for your hair type here.

4. Gentle Strokes Are Key

4 how to wash your hair Rule of thumb – never wash your hair in a circular motion as that can lead to annoying tangles. Always opt for the stroking method. Gently massage at the roots using vertical strokes with medium pressure all over to really help in stimulating the blood flow to the scalp for stronger hair. Friction can lead to frizz, breakage and permanent damage to the hair cuticle, so being gentle and using delicate strokes are essential. Don’t use a back and forth motion to scrub the ends, please! You can smooth the lather across your strands in a stroking motion instead. Remember, handle with care and your locks will blossom.

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5. You Can Skip The Second Rinse

Too much of shampoo can damage hair, dry it up and cause frizz. This is why you shouldn’t shampoo twice. Massage your scalp thoroughly when you have your shampoo on for that squeaky clean feeling, the second round of shampoo isn’t necessary and can do more harm than good. This is why you need to be extra careful while oiling your locks. Apply only a tiny bit that will wash out easily, without you having to shampoo repeatedly as that would just defeat the purpose of oiling in the first place.

6. Top It Off With Cold Water!

6 how to wash your hair After you’ve finished shampooing your hair, gently squeeze the water out of your hair and apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends (if you’re not opting for the reverse order). You can either leave it loose or clip it up if you want to leave it for long. The longer you allow your conditioner to stay, the chances of your hair absorbing it are higher. Before you step out of the shower, finish off with a shot of cold water. This will seal the cuticles and help to add a shine to your locks. Also read: “CO” Washing – Is This The Solution To ALL Your Hair Problems?!

7. Pick An Old Tee Over A Towel!

For the last step, you need to make sure that you’re drying your hair the right way. Use an old microfiber/ cotton tee instead of a regular towel as the material is softer and it saves your hair from getting tangled, damaged and prevents hair fall. This is a very important step as our strands are at their weakest when wet. Vigorous towel rubbing can seriously cause damage and breakage so gently squeeze your locks instead of rubbing them dry. Images: Shutterstock

21 Sep 2016

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