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How To Properly Use Vitamin C To Deal With Pregnancy Hyperpigmentation

How To Properly Use Vitamin C To Deal With Pregnancy Hyperpigmentation

While some skincare ingredients are shrouded in obscurity, others are much more familiar to you—one being vitamin C. In fact, this ingredient is so ubiquitous in glow-boosting skincare products, that we are willing to bet you’ve heard of this potent antioxidant multiple times. But if you are yet to incorporate this ingredient into your pregnancy skincare routine, and wondering how to use vitamin C, allow us to convince you of the many reasons why you should, and ways it can transform your skin.

In case you didn’t know, vitamin C is often touted as the ultimate skin vitamin, and for all good reasons. Skin experts love it, it’s a vital part of any conversation about clear complexion, it’s considered an absolute essential for tackling pregnancy skin concerns, and with just a few drops of a good quality vitamin C serum, flawless skin might just be a dream come true. In fact, vitamin C is that miracle ingredient that fights flu and cold from the inside and defends your skin against dark spots, signs of ageing, and sun damage when applied topically. Additionally, you can use vitamin C for hyperpigmentation, boost radiance, and even out your complexion. 

Let’s find out more about the wonder vitamin and how you can use it to make your skin cross over to the bright side, minus spots and hyperpigmentation.

What Is Vitamin C And Where Do We Get This Antioxidant From?

how to use vitamin C
Nourish your body by consuming higher amounts of vitamin C-enriched foods such as lemons and oranges

Vitamin C, medically termed L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin, present in both the dermis and epidermis of the skin. However, due to its water-soluble nature, it is not stored in significant quantities in your body. This is why regular vitamin C replenishment is important. 

Additionally, its powerful antioxidant properties protect the body cells and help maintain the health of your skin, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels. Its higher intake is also associated with increased collagen production and better skin appearance. Normally, you can get vitamin C by following a wholesome and nutritious diet, and consuming vitamin C-enriched foods like oranges, lemons, strawberries, and broccoli. Since a lack of vitamin C in your skin can cause severe damage, you may also try vitamin C pills to meet your nutritional requirements. However, this should only be done after consultation with your doctor. 

What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Skin?

Before we discuss how to use vitamin C in your routine, let’s first understand some of the benefits of vitamin C for the skin. As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps neutralise free radicals in the skin. Also, it is anti-inflammatory, so it hydrates and heals the skin. It also has anti-ageing effects and boosts collagen synthesis, which in turn helps reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Additionally, you can use vitamin C for hyperpigmentation, a common skin condition experienced by many pregnant woman that causes dull patches on the skin. There are various causes of hyperpigmentation, such as hormonal fluctuations, sun exposure, high temperatures, genetics, and inflammatory skin conditions such as acne. While there are many methods to treat hyperpigmentation, such as lasers and chemical peels, these processes are too aggressive, and if not properly calibrated can make your condition even worse. Also, skin treatments like chemical peels may not be safe during pregnancy.

One of the safest and most effective ways to treat hyperpigmentation is by incorporating a vitamin C serum into your pregnancy beauty routine. Vitamin C serum provides photo-protection, meaning it’s equally effective against UVA and UVB damage, and also works beautifully in treating hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity (oxidation) and decreasing the melanin production. 

You can either make your own vitamin C serum at home or consider buying a natural vitamin C face serum from the market.

How Do You Apply Vitamin C Serum For Hyperpigmentation?

how to use vitamin C
Vitamin C serum helps reduce melanin production and improve the appearance of patches on the skin

The Moms Co.’s Natural 10% Vitamin C Face Serum is one of the best vitamin C serums for hyperpigmentation. Applying this serum can help protect your skin from factors that trigger hyperpigmentation and help treat the patches in your skin. Follow this step-by-step skincare regime to help tackle concerns of hyperpigmentation.

Start With Cleansing Your Face

Face cleansing is essential as it helps get rid of dirt and impurities and gives you a clean skin surface, which makes it easier to layer the following skincare products. Use The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash with orange peels, pro-vitamin B5, willow herb, and vitamin C to gently cleanse your face and remove excess oil and impurities, prevent pollution, and UV-induced skin damage, and improve skin hydration to make it appear soft and smooth.

Move On To Toning Your Skin

Next, use the Natural Daily Vitamin C Face Toner from The Moms Co. to tone and nourish your skin. Besides vitamin C, the toner also contains additional antioxidants like niacinamide, green tea, aloe vera, and witch hazel that balance the pH levels of the skin, tighten enlarged skin pores, soften and hydrate the skin, and remove excess shine. Using the toner will also help get rid of any residual dirt or makeup traces from your skin and allow the face serum to penetrate deep layers of the skin.

Target Your Skin Concerns With The Serum

After cleansing and toning your skin, it’s time to target your hyperpigmentation using the Natural 10% Vitamin C Face Serum from The Moms Co. The serum contains 10% of vitamin C and 0.5% of ferulic acid that penetrate deep into the layers of the skin barrier to protect it from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, stimulate collagen production and inhibit melanin production, thus repairing hyperpigmentation patches, and enhancing glow and hydration levels of the skin.

How Long Does It Take For Vitamin C To Clear Hyperpigmentation

Applying vitamin C face serum can make your skin feel hydrated and smooth, and make it appear naturally radiant and even-toned. With regular usage, you may notice visible experience within two weeks. Try to use the best vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation both in your AM and PM routine and experience the effective results yourself.

How To Use Vitamin C Serum For Dark Spots

how to use vitamin C
Vitamin C serum can also be used to reduce dark spots and to clear the skin tone

Dark spots are also common during pregnancy, and may be even trickier to deal with, especially if you have sensitive skin, but don’t worry as we have got you covered with the best solution. To reduce dark spots, all you have to do is switch to a higher concentration of vitamin C serum. The Moms Co. Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin C Face Serum, is a dermatologically-tested product that is made with 86% ethyl ascorbic acid and is closest to pure vitamin C in molecular size. This means that the serum goes deep into the skin barrier and strengthens it, improves new skin cell regeneration to tackle dark spots, and clears your skin for a more even-toned complexion. Regular usage of this serum can reduce your dull spots effectively and also boost glow and radiance. 

Now you know how to use vitamin C in your pregnancy skincare regime to treat those stubborn patches and dull spots on your skin. Make sure to be consistent with your vitamin C-enriched skincare routine to get the clearer, even-toned, and glowing skin of your dreams. #WhyCompromise when you can settle for the best? Opt for the best vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation and dark spots for the most potent results. 

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17 Jun 2022

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