#GirlPower: 10 Things In YOUR Bag You Can Use As Weapons!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


Women carry their entire world in their bag – and it’s not for nothing! Although most of the things you dump in your bag are basic necessities to help you get through the day, you can ALSO use them as weapons to defend yourself, if need be! Whether you’re returning home late from a night show or after a long day at work, we tell you how to help yourself in the face of danger and give that attacker a fight he’ll remember – with just your everyday things.

1. Hand sanitizers and lotions to the rescue

While they smell good and feel amazing on the skin, they are sworn enemies of the eye – a single drop can result in painful stinging. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, simply squirt some lotion or sanitizer in your palm and then hit the attacker in his eye.

2. Kill it with your keys

Your bunch of keys can work as lethal weapons. All you need to do is hold your key chain in the palm of your hand, and let one key pass between each of your fingers. Close your fingers into a fist so that the keys actually look like spikes (and even work like them). Basically, your DIY knuckledusters. Quite honestly, if you’re out and about late in the evening, and there aren’t too many people around, we would recommend you DO carry your keys like this. A) It’ll definitely help you keep track of them at all times. B) It will keep you armed (without looking so at all). If you’re threatened by someone within an arm’s length, all you need to do is lash out with your arm to injure your attacker, so you can make a run for it.

bag as weapons 2

3. Bring on the deo/ perfume/ hair spray!

They can be used as alternatives to a pepper spray! Just like you’d aim to spray the attacker in the eyes with your pepper spray, you can use any deodorant, perfume or hairspray you carry in your bag as a substitute. Of course, the distance between you and your attacker shouldn’t be too much, else the spray will diffuse into the air before reaching him. Also the effect does not always last long (and unlike pepper spray won’t incapacitate your attacker), so as soon as you see him squint, grab the chance to run away.

4. Nail ’em with your cutter/ file/ manicure scissors

Your beautiful nail kit can easily transform into a lethal self-defence tool kit. It has enough sharp pointed objects – from small manicure scissors to nail files – to injure a person, especially if used on sensitive areas like near the eye or throat.

bag as weapon 4

5. A pointy-end comb for the win

Next time you go to buy yourself a comb, try buying one which has a pointy end and a thick metal body. This comb will not only help you untangle your tresses better but will also be a great weapon to poke someone with and do some damage if you’re attacked.

6. Light up that lighter

You can use your lighter to cause fire to any combustible item like the hair spray or perfume, and scare your attacker away. Or if you feel like he’s closed you in his grip, just fire up your lighter anywhere on his skin – it will burn him enough to release you. Take advantage of that time to hide/ run away or call for help.

bag as weapon 6

7. Poke away with your pens/ pencil!

Remember the time when the uncapped pen pricked you so bad? Yes, you can use that harmless looking pen or pencil as a weapon too. All you need to do is hold the pen strategically in the palm of your hand, and forcefully jab the attacker on his skin. It will make him cry out in pain and give you enough time to run away.

8. Use that scarf or belt

You can treat your scarf or the belt of your bag as a rope. Use all your strength and try to cut the  attacker off oxygen, by choking him helpless with your scarf or belt tightly clasped around his throat. Once your scarf is around his throat, knot it in your hands and keep clasping it tighter till you feel him weakening. Run.

bag as weapon 8

9. Hit him with the flashlight!

It’s a good idea to keep a strong flashlight in your bag, especially if you travel alone at night. First of all, your phone’s flashlight is quite weak and ineffective in dimly lit areas, and secondly a flashlight will work like your personal beacon warding off possible attackers and also working as a sturdy tool to simultaneously bang and smash on someone’s head in a single swing (or even repeated ones).

10. The bag itself!

Take advantage of all the weight you carry in your bag, and using all your strength swing your bag (holding it through the straps) like a club and hit your attacker hard.

bag as weapons 10

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