Face Oils Are A Winter Staples & This Guide Will Help You Understand Everything About Them

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 16, 2021
Face Oils Are A Winter Staples & This Guide Will Help You Understand Everything About Them


It’s finally that time of year when you can bring facial oils back to your beauty shelf. When the weather is cooler and your skin starts to get prone to dryness, facial oils can swoop in and save your skin from trouble. Not to forget how luxurious they feel on your skin. But when and how exactly do you apply facial oils? Is it before moisturiser or after and then where does your concentrated serum come in? Or do you skip moisturisers and serums altogether? We answer all your questions regarding facial oils so that you get the best out of this amazing beauty product.

What Are Facial Oils?

Facial oils are a concoction of different naturally derived essential and carrier oils to improve your skin’s health. They are non-comedogenic and therefore will not clog your pores. Ideally, facial oils help your skin maintain its integrity and stay nourished. There are various facial oils available in the market that target different skin concerns and skin types. You should choose the one that works best for your needs.

Step-By-Step Face Oil Friendly Skincare Routine


Step 1: Cleanser

Cleansing your skin is important especially if you want to include facial oils in your beauty routine. If your skin has any dirt or impurities, then applying facial oils over unclean skin can cause more harm than good. Opt for a gentle cleanser or a deep-pore cleansing face wash to start off your skincare routine.

Step 2: Toner

An antioxidant-rich toner will serve well to further clear your pores of impurities and keep your skin’s pH levels in check.

Step 3: Essences & Serums

Essences or serums come after toner because they are also lightweight and are concentrated solutions that target your skin concerns like acne, dark spots or dry skin.

Step 4: Moisturiser

After your lightweight serums and essences, comes moisturiser. Moisturiser will actually offer hydration to your skin which you will not get from concentrated serums and essences. This layer of hydration is absolutely necessary in your skincare routine. Choose a moisturiser that works for your skin type.

Step 5: Facial Oils

Since oils are heavier in consistency and tend to sit on top of water gel moisturisers and creams, a facial oil should be applied after moisturiser and not before it. This allows your moisturiser to get absorbed into your skin better and gives you an extra layer of moisture from the natural oils. It is the same reason why serums go before moisturisers. The order should be the lightest formulas to the heaviest. Smooth the oil over your moisturised face and use a jade roller if you like to massage and tone your facial muscles. 

After your facial oil is absorbed by your skin you can then move on to apply sunscreen and makeup (if need be) during the day. If you’ve used facial oils in your night care routine it can be the last and final step. 

Go get your glow on with facial oils this season!

Featured Images: Pexels