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Have You Been Using Your Beauty Products WRONG?!

Have You Been Using Your Beauty Products WRONG?!

You’ve been dabbling in the world of beauty for years now, surely you know how to use the most basic of products like nail polish or an eyelash curler. But what if we told you you’re wrong? There is a possibility that you’ve been using everyday beauty products all wrong. From your hairbrush to your nail paint, find out the right way to use these everyday products.


1. Your Hairbrush

how to use beauty products

If you brush your hair from the roots to the tip then you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s probably why your hair is breaking constantly. Instead of forcefully raking it through your strands, you should be gently making your way up starting from the ends.

What You Should Be Doing: Work section by section for the gentlest way to detangle your mane without damaging your hair follicles.

2. Nail Polish

You know how you shake the nail polish bottle just before you use it? We’ve seen everybody do this, but it’s actually big mistake. By shaking it, you’re creating air bubbles, which will dry out your fave shade faster than you thought. Oh and you know how you apply it by painting your nail from one side to the other? That’s wrong too!

What You Should Be Doing: Don’t shake the bottle, instead roll it between your palms – the heat from your hands will also help warm it up which will help the nail paint spread easily. Also, while applying, the best way to get an even distribution is to make a stroke down the middle of your nail and then do either side of it.

3. Bobby Pins

how to use beauty products

Have you ever wondered why bobby pins never stay in place for long? It’s probably because you’ve been putting them on with the bumpy side facing up.

What You Should Be Doing: The right way to use bobby pins is with the bumpy side facing down as that helps grip the hair better. One secret tip to try is to spray your pins with hairspray first to ensure they stick in place for hours. Read our awesome and surprising tricks you never knew you could do with bobby pins.

4. Blush

A dash of rouge has the power to give you a gorgeous, flushed complexion, but too much of it and you run the risk of looking old and disastrous. It’s very easy to get a bit over-handed and apply too much all the way from your cheeks to your hairline.

What You Should be Doing: Just apply it on the apples of your cheeks, smile and use your fingers or a brush to blend it along your cheekbones and in the direction of your hairline, without applying any extra product.

5. Your Shampoo

how to use beauty products

It’s simple enough, you wet your hair, lather up your shampoo and rinse it off. But you need to spend a bit more time.

What You Should Be Doing: You can’t rush through this process, you need to ensure your strands are completely soaked and saturated with water before you apply your shampoo to get the most benefits out of it. Spend a few minutes wetting your hair and then apply shampoo to the roots of your hair only and work it in.

6. Your Favourite Scent

You spritz your perfume onto your neck and wrist and then rub them together before rushing out the door. But that actually helps make it wear off much faster than it should. Or you spray it all over yourself and your clothes.

What You Should Be Doing: You should be spraying perfume on your pulse points and not all over your clothes (unless you want permanent stains) as the heat created in these areas help diffuse the fragrance. You’re probably used to doing it, but stop rubbing your wrists together as this can overheat the scent and change the way it smells all together.

7. Hair Mousse

how to use beauty products

Mousse is a must-have for hair that is fine, flat, limp or just when you want to add some bombshell volume. However, spraying it directly onto your hands and then combing it through your strands with your fingers is how everyone commonly applies it, which is all wrong.

What You Should Be Doing: The right way to use hair mousse and maximize its effects is to pump it onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair when it’s wet. This will ensure it’s evenly distributed and give your hair loads of body and bounce.

8. Your Eyelash Curler

Typically, you apply your mascara and then use your eyelash curler for some extra drama to your lashes. Well unless you want your lashes to fall out, this is all completely wrong!

What You Should Be Doing: To avoid annoying clumps and pulling out a few lashes, you should be using your eyelash curler on clean and dry lashes. Apply your mascara after that to really set the curl.

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05 May 2016

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