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Everything You Need To Know About Hosting A Pre-Wedding Pool Party!

Everything You Need To Know About Hosting A Pre-Wedding Pool Party!

In the week leading up to your wedding, plan a fun pool party with your closest ones and chill. Be it on the occasion of your bachelorette, your mehendi night or your haldi ceremony – set the pool up and start the celebrations. It’s an easy job and one that’ll leave a lasting impression on all. Here’s how you can plan the perfect pool party for your wedding.


1. Pick your pool.

The size of the pool should be in sync with your guest list. Generally, small pools don’t work when it comes to a party because you don’t want the water to look crammed with half dressed people in it– doesn’t make for a great sight, ya know? Most good hotels boast of well kept pools that are open to guest bookings. It’s a good idea to go for a secluded pool, that doesn’t make for the view of other rooms and one that has a pool for toddlers attached to it.  

2. Bring on those pool games!

Make your party an instant hit by keeping pool games on the side. Encourage people inside the pool to indulge in water balloon fights, pool tennis, squirt gun fight etc. For those outside the pool, have a foosball table arranged or you could even keep a giant Jenga ready to be dismantled and challenged. What’s a pool party without fun games?

3. Get it party ready matching your wedding theme

Your wedding theme needs to resonate in all your functions, through all your guests and at all your parties. So, if you’re celebrating your boho vibe, go for floral crowns, cutesy flip flops, kaftans and kimonos. But don’t go OTT with the decoration per se, for people run around and lounge about in pool parties and delicate décor only gets in their way. We’d recommend you add interesting elements to the entrance instead and let the sight of the pretty pool make up for everything else.

Amuse yourselves with these cool masks and crowns (Rs 199)

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4. What will you serve your guests?

It’s a pool party, not brunch-with-friends so you don’t need to plan a five course meal for your guests. Just keep lots of fresh juices and cocktails and fill the food table with colourful and light food that’s easy to pick and eat, like miniature burgers, aloo-pops, candies etc. Or, you can even get a food truck on board and let people enjoy their meal, freshly prepared. But, all your utensils should be pool friendly. You can’t use glassware and risk having it broken into shards. Go for paper plates and glasses, or use acrylic ones if you like them fancy.

5. Day or night?

Day pool parties can have lots of fun props and amazing décor, while night pool parties can offer your guests those rare midnight swims. Both are equally fun but entirely different from one another and you need to decide in advance if you’d like to party in the waters on a sunny day or under the dim moonlight.

6. Make memories with selfie zones.

With the water near, people might leave their phones and cameras behind. Get them posing at selfies zones then, where the bride’s team and the groom’s team can put on badges, crowns or shirts and hoot for the side they’re supporting. It’ll make for amazing décor and even better photographs.

Keep colourful selfie sticks (Rs 105) nearby and make loads of wonderful memories.  

7. Keep your cleaning crew on stand-by.

Drinks may splash and food may spill. People may push one another in water in their frenzy and someone may just get hurt  – it’s always a good idea to keep your cleaning crew nearby to check these little accidents before they ruin everyone’s fun.   

8. Who’s your DJ?  

Pool parties can’t be silent affairs. Make lots of noise with hearty laughs and unending giggles, but make sure that lively music plays in the background too. You can have a DJ to get people grooving on his remixes or set up speakers and play out your fav playlist with old romances and dhinchak numbers alternating on loop.  

9. Add quirk with fun props and signboards.

When throwing a pool party, make generous use of fun props that are easily available. From pineapple and unicorn shaped floaties to quirky swimming goggles. Make use of colourful signboards to show people the way to food or fun. They’d make for great background for your pictures too.

Get this giant flamingo floatie (Rs 1,999) sitting in your pool and trust it to find many takers.  

Featured Image: Ramit Batra Photography


04 Dec 2017

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