How To Take That Flirtationship Further (You KNOW You Want To)

Lavanya MohanLavanya Mohan  |  May 5, 2016


The two of you text each other all day (complete with winky emojis!), grab coffee whenever you can, and there’s no denying that the chemistry is just ah-mazing – but to the rest of the world, the two of you claim to be “just friends”. Um, no, what the two of you have isn’t friendship, it’s a flirtationship. Here’s how you take it to the next level!

1. Hint, hint

Your friends keep asking you “What’s the deal with you and him?” – right? Tell him that, and slip in the idea of the two of you actually dating. If he likes you, he’ll pick up the hint real fast!

how to take your flirtation forward

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Confide in a trustworthy mutual friend about your flirtationship and ask his/ her help in teasing information out of him! You might think the two of you are the best of friends, but the moment flirty vibes come into play, he will prefer to express their feelings about it to someone else.

how to take your flirtation forward

3. Assess your friendship

If your flirtationship is with one of your oldest friends, you might want to think carefully before you take it forward – it might end up being the most amazing relationship or just an epic fail! Think about the pros and cons and, most importantly, the awkwardness that might haunt you both forever if it fails!

how to take your flirtation forward

4. Make new plans

If the two of you are still hanging out with your friends’ group, you might want to start making new plans that involve just the two of you, in a more…romantic setting. Instead of your usual quick coffee runs, suggest a more solid outing – like lunch or dinner. You two will get to spend some quality time together!

how to take your flirtation forward

5. Go confrontational

Sometimes, nothing works like a good, honest chat. Bring up the topic when you’re both in a good mood, and have the time to talk it out. Tell him upfront that it’s so great that the two of you have such amazing conversations, and if he’s ever wondered about turning it into a relationship. If he’s interested, he’ll throw the ball in your court. If he’s not, then at least you won’t be wasting any more time on composing your next cool text!

how to take your flirtation forward

6. Remember your boundaries

Your flirtationship is a flirtationship only because the two of you haven’t gotten intimate! The moment those boundaries are stepped over, it stops being a flirtationship and becomes complicated territory, so be careful!

how to take your flirtation forward

7. Know when to fold

A lot of times, boys are well, boys, and might end up being complete idiots who were just leading you on the entire time because they had nothing better to do! The moment you find out it was all a ploy, stop sending those cute texts – and save them for someone more worthy of your time!

how to take your flirtation forward

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