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8 Ways To Swim-Proof Your Hair This Summer

8 Ways To Swim-Proof Your Hair This Summer

Look, there’s something about the water that resurrects our sultry, Bollywood alter-ego, and makes us want to emerge out of a pool, clad in our pretty bikinis, with dripping, slicked-back hair right out of a movie. And indulge in poolside lounging as our tresses dry under the sweltering heat of the sun. Even though this sounds exciting, there’s something incredibly wrong with the picture we’re painting here. 

Nope. We’re not talking about sunscreen. We’re sure you’ve drenched your body in dollops of sunscreen. We’re talking hair today. 

It’s easy to forget about hair-care post-swimming. But you don’t want one day of swimming ruining your hair and resulting in split ends, dryness, and brittle strands. And if you have lighter hair, you might notice a greenish film settle on your strands. It’s just not worth it. We’re playing saviour, and rounding up a couple of no-effort, quick tips that will ensure you end the day with soft, luscious locks. 

Salvage Your Tresses With These Effortless Hacks

Braid your hair

Braiding your hair will minimise tangling and breakage, keep your strands in place when you’re out there modelling for your Instagram, and drenching your tresses in chlorine-filled water. Yeah, you don’t want to end up in a knot. Just pull your hair into a three-way braid, and secure the end with an elastic. 

Rinse your hair post-swim

Rinse your hair right after you’re done swimming. Don’t wait to get home before shampooing and conditioning. The chlorine build-up in your hair, if not washed away immediately, is a surefire disaster. Your hair will absorb most of it, and this will lead to dryness.

Always air-dry

It’s convenient to just blow-dry your hair post-swimming, but that’s not advisable. Your hair is frizzy, brittle, and weak anyway, and applying heat to the strands can worsen the situation. 

Apply a leave-in conditioner

After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, try applying a leave-in conditioner to continue moisturising your hair throughout the day. Look for a formula enriched with SPF to protect your hair from the sun.

Detangle with a wide-toothed comb

Your hair is susceptible to breakage and frizz when it’s wet. Just work your way up from the bottom with a wide-toothed comb until you’ve reached the top. 

Indulge in a honey-oil treatment

Another way to rid your hair of the effects of chlorine is by opting for weekly hot-oil treatments at home to rejuvenate your strands. Mix a little bit of honey with a few drops of coconut oil. Warm the liquid for a few seconds before coating the tips of your hair with it. Gradually work your way up to the scalp. Keep the treatment on for about 30 minutes, and wash it off after. 

Rehydrate your strands

By drinking enough water. It can breathe some life back into dry and damaged hair. And it hydrates your body. And it is good for the skin!

Invest in a damage-repairing shampoo

You don’t want to slather a chemical-ridden shampoo onto your post-swim hair at all. A damage-repairing, paraben-free shampoo that reinstates your hair’s lustre, nourishes, smoothes, and moisturises, and contains pro-vitamin B5 to repair the damage is what you need.

Some Post-Swim Products We’re Lovin’

See? It’s as simple as running a gentler comb through your tresses. And masking your hair. Keep these tips in mind for your next swim! For more beauty-related tips for swimming, read this.

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18 Apr 2022

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