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7 Fab Ways To Include *Different* Colours In Your Outfit

7 Fab Ways To Include *Different* Colours In Your Outfit

The colorblocking trend is basically all about exploring unconventional colour combinations and brighter colours (that are mostly opposites on the colour wheel) and pairing them together to create interesting outfits. You could use colours from the same family or totally contrasting ones. Here are 7 ways to style your look if you love the colour blocking trend!


1. Basics come first

If you’re not a color blocking pro, we suggest you start with the most basic and versatile colours, namely – black and white. You could create an outfit using these two colours and adding a brighter colour for a fun element. It could be a bright orange bag or pink shoes or anything that brings a pop of colour in the outfit.

2. Solid colours are best for starters!

Since colour blocking can be a little tricky, it is mostly done with solid colours (they give out the maximum impact), initially. Play with basic patterns and prints… like a mix a printed outfit with a plain separate to give it a new lease of life.

3.  Take some help!

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Before choosing any colours for your outfit, you must have a look at the colour-wheel to have a better understanding of colours. The colours that are right opposite to each other are known as the complementary colours (red and green) and the colours lying right next to each other are known as analogous colours (pink, red, oranges). This will give you a better idea to gauge which colours can be mixed together.

4. Experiment with prints and patterns

Try your hand at simpler patterns like stripes and polka dots first and move onto more complicated prints like florals and aztecs later. When mixing prints, keep note that both your separates shouldn’t be too busy. Either of them has to be simple. A good way to try this would be wearing a bright coloured polka dot top (pink, red, orange) with a pair of basic, striped pants.

5. Go bright and bold!


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Though people usually advise against pairing bright colours together, you must definitely choose bright and bold colours for making a statement. Try pairing reds, oranges, burgundies and pinks together. The brighter, the better and we bet, you’ll end up looking great and also have a lot of fun!

6. Play up your accessories

If you are not very sure about trying out bold colour combinations, start with colour blocking your accessories! You could use a bright piece of jewellery or a bag or even shoes to colour block your outfit. Remember, simple pops of colours can be equally effective as wearing different blocks of colours!

7. Try contrasting fabrics


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To add more dimension to your colour blocked look, you must experiment with different kind of fabrics. You can try pairing luxurious fabrics like silk, satin and velvet with wool and cotton fabrics.

25 Jul 2017

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