Pro Hack: How & Why You Should Be Styling Your Baby Hair

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 18, 2021
Pro Hack: How & Why You Should Be Styling Your Baby Hair


The difference between doing your own hair and makeup versus getting help from the pros is this: styling those baby hairs. Your hairline is often ignored when you groom yourself. Sure, you may blend bronzer in your hairline so your foundation looks seamless and then you prep your locks, but styling your baby hair is looked over. A tip from professional HMUs would be paying attention to those baby hairs and styling them accordingly. Here’s why you should do it and how you can go about adopting this pro hack with ease.

Why Style Your Baby Hairs? 

Professional HMUs would never make the mistake of leaving baby hairs as is. Baby hairs are basically the fine strands of hair that line your face, after which your hair is much more fuller. If not styled, these fine strands could look unruly and not deliver on a professional finish. That’s why you see celebs rocking sleek updos without any sign of flyaways. It is because their baby hairs are styled and set in place so that the hair and makeup looks clean like an artistic portrait. 

3 Easy Ways To Style Your Baby Hairs

Brush & Coil

Simply brushing down your baby hairs will lend your look instant refinement. To do this you can use a spoolie brush or even a clean toothbrush. You can even pull out some strands to make your baby hairs look fuller and coil them together with your fingers.

Hairspray To The Rescue

If you want the baby hairs to stay in place because you are glamming up for an event, use hairspray. A strong or medium hold hairspray will ensure your baby hairs stay put and don’t budge. You can spritz some of the product on the bristles of your spoolie brush or toothbrush and comb them downwards and sideways into place. Don’t change the direction of your combing motions as that can cause frizz.

Gelled In Place

For a more stylish look, you can set your baby hairs with gel or pomade and even create some elaborate designs with them. Take some styling gel or hair pomade on your fingertips and gently pull your baby hairs so that they soak in the product. Now use a spoolie brush or metal eyebrow comb to style the baby hairs in circular shapes or S shape patterns. You can even go as far as use stick-on pearls or rhinestones to put the focus on your baby hairs.

Baby Hair Styling Inspo

Check out these looks that will inspire you to style those baby hairs.

For protecting your hair while styling, a serum is absolutely necessary. We recommend:

Don’t ignore your baby hairs anymore!

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